Hip Pain from Running: Causes and Treatment

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Hip Pain from Running: Causes and Treatment Options


Running is a fantastic kind of exercise that helps enhance endurance, improve cardiovascular health, and foster general wellbeing. Running, however, can also result in pain and discomfort in several body areas, particularly the hips, as with other physical activity. You are not alone if you have hip pain when running. This article from South London physiotherapy clinic One Body LDN, will examine some of the typical running-related hip pain causes and treatment methods.

Hip Pain from Running Causes

Many factors, such as injury, overuse, and biomechanical problems, can lead to hip pain. Several of the most typical reasons for hip pain when running are listed below:

Syndrome of the iliotibial band (ITBS) Inflammation and irritation of the iliotibial band, a substantial strip of tissue running along the outside of the thigh, are the main causes of ITBS, a common ailment among runners. It might hurt when the IT band rubs on the hip bone due to tightness or inflammation.

Knee Bursitis The little sacs called bursae that cushion the hip joint become inflamed, resulting in hip bursitis. This disorder, which can be brought on by trauma or overuse, can cause hip joint pain.

strained hip flexors You can elevate your knee and pull your leg close to your body by using a group of muscles known as the hip flexors. Hip and thigh discomfort can result from strained or damaged muscles in these muscles.

Breaks under Stress Stress fractures, which are minute fissures in the bone, can develop as a result of excessive use or frequent impact. These are typical among runners and can result in hip and other body problems.

Osteoarthritis Hip osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint condition that can affect joints. Although it affects younger people who engage in repetitive high-impact activities like jogging, it is more prevalent in elderly folks.

Alternatives for Treating Hip Pain Associated with Running

There are various treatments available if you experience hip pain when running, including: ice and rest When you have hip pain, one of the first things you should do is rest the area and apply ice to minimise swelling and inflammation.

Physical Exercise The range of motion, flexibility, and strength of the hips can all be enhanced with physical therapy. A physical therapist might suggest stretches and exercises to aid with pain management and injury prevention.

Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter painkillers can help lessen discomfort and inflammation in the hip joint.

Injections Direct injections of corticosteroids can occasionally be used to treat pain and inflammation in the hip joint.

Surgery To repair or replace damaged hip joints may be necessary in extreme circumstances.

How to avoid hip pain during running

There are various precautions you may take to avoid experiencing hip discomfort when jogging because prevention is always preferable to treatment, such as:

Choosing the Correct Shoes When running, wearing shoes with proper support and cushioning might assist lessen the impact on your hips.

Warming up and stretching Before a run, stretching and warming up can increase flexibility and help prevent injuries.

Cross-Training Other forms of exercise, such swimming or cycling, can be incorporated into your regimen to lessen the stress on your hips and avoid overuse issues.

Gradual Advancement You can decrease the risk of overuse injuries by gradually increasing the length and intensity of your runs.

Hip pain from running can result from a variety of reasons, including the ones already discussed, as well as additional ones like bad posture, weak hip muscles, and tight hips.

It’s crucial to take the right precautions and, if necessary, seek professional assistance if you want to avoid hip pain caused by jogging. The length and intensity of your runs should be gradually increased. Other suggestions include wearing the proper footwear, stretching before and after exercise, and including strength training activities to strengthen your hip muscles.

Getting expert advice from a physiotherapist might be quite helpful if you have hip pain from running. Our staff of skilled London physiotherapists at One Body LDN can offer a complete evaluation and treatment plan to help relieve your pain and stop further injury. To assist you in recovering and reaching your fitness objectives, we provide a variety of services including manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and sports massage.

In conclusion, experiencing hip pain from running can have a big impact on your running habit and be brought on by a number of different things. You can avoid and treat hip pain and continue to enjoy the many advantages of jogging by taking the right precautions and getting professional assistance when necessary. Contact South London physiotherapy hub One Body LDN right once to make an appointment with one of our skilled London physiotherapists if you have hip pain after running.

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