What Happens If Back Pain Is Left Untreated?

What Happens If Back Pain Is Left Untreated, upper back pain breathing

Have you been suffering from back pain? Did you ever think about what happens if back pain is left untreated? When we get back pain, we usually try to sleep on it, hoping it will go away in the morning. But problems arise when the pain doesn’t show any sign of decreasing. You may think it will go away in time, but you may make it worse. 

Similar to any other health issue, it is wise to consult with a professional when you first start to encounter symptoms. If you let the problem go unchecked, it could become a chronic issue that is much harder to treat. Let’s have a look at the issue in more detail.  

Back Pain

Back Pain

Lower Back Pain


According to research, lower back pain is the most common type of ailment in adults. Eight out of ten adults experience severe lower back pain at some point in their lives. 

Lower back pain can occur if you put too much pressure on the hip, for instance, while working in the yard, or lifting heavy objects. Lower back pain can also stem from chronic diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis, or an old injury from childhood that went untreated.

People can also decrease the intensity of lower back pain by increasing their daily activity level. Try to stretch the core abdominal area on your body, as it supports your back. And most importantly, always maintain a good posture. If you have a desk job, try to keep the top part of your laptop level with your eye line. 

As always with back pain, if you are in too much pain and activity only makes it worse, you’ll need to speak to a medical professional as soon as possible. 

Upper Back Pain


Upper back pain can stem from the bottom of your neck, covering the entire rib cage area. Upper & middle back pain is very uncommon. This is not because the muscles, and nerve system in the area are more flexible. In reality, the muscles in the upper back mostly stay dormant. 

Upper back pain can result from poor posture, fracture, overuse, injury, or muscle strain. It can also stem from other chronic diseases like myofascial pain. 

When you suffer from upper back pain, you might feel numbness in your legs and arms. It can also cause tingling in your fingertips and your belly. 

Lower Left Back Pain


There can be various reasons for lower left back pain. One such reason for left back pain is tissue damage, especially in the ligaments supporting the spine. Also, if you injure the spine joints of the spine disc, it can lead to lower back pain, especially on the left side. The final reason for lower left back pain is issues with internal organs such as the genitals, kidneys, and intestines. 

When you get an injury in the back tissue that supports the spine, it causes inflammation in the area. Inflammation results in muscle spasms, resulting in lower left back pain. 

You should immediately get professional medical assistance if the lower left back pain is stemming from any internal organ. The pain can cause nausea, fever, dizziness, fever, vomiting. In the worst-case scenario, blood might start coming out with urine. Consult with a doctor to find out the real reason that is causing lower left back pain. 

Lower Right Back Pain


Lower right back pain can result from a tear in the ligaments, tendons, endometriosis, kidney stones, spinal stenosis, or muscle. It can also stem from appendicitis, infection, and kidney stone. You will be treated depending on the cause of the lower right back pain. 

In adults, lower right back pain often results from lifting heavy objects. While lifting heavy objects, the muscles and the tendons in the back area are vulnerable to tears. Sudden movements can also cause a tear in the tendon. 

The other reason for lower right back pain is radiculopathy. It can result from injury, and, most commonly, from inflammation. If you are overweight, try to shed some fat in the abdominal area. Extra fat often puts additional stress on the muscle in the area. 

Consequences of Leaving Back Pain Untreated

Consequences of Leaving Back Pain Untreated

Chronic Back Pain Development

Back pain development is very common in both youngsters and elder people. This is because the human backbone carries all the body weight. Also, sitting at your desk for a long time in the wrong posture can also cause chronic back pain. 

The human backbone comes with several intervertebral discs. They can be imagined as rubbery pads that absorb all the shock. Some ligaments are responsible for holding the vertebrae. And then, there are the tendons that connect the muscles with the spinal column. 

Chronic back pain can develop if the rubbery discs lose their regenerative power. It usually happens as we age. When this happens, the rubbery discs lose their ability to cushion the backbone against external force. Spondylosis is another natural degeneration issue that happens as we age. 

Contrary to popular belief, chronic back pain often results from internal organs rather than the spine. Such organs including the kidney can develop kidney stones and cause chronic back pain on one side of the back. Abnormal uterine tissue development can also lead to chronic back pain. 

If you are expecting a baby, you will develop back pain at some point in your pregnancy. However, the back pain will only last during your pregnancy. After giving birth, the pain will slowly fade away. Osteoporosis is a natural degenerative where the spinal bone loses its intensity and virility. It can cause fractures in the backbone.

Decreased Mobility

As you can imagine, there is a strong correlation between mobility reduction and back pain. If you leave back pain untreated, then this is only going to get worse. This can limit you in doing the things that you love in life such as sports or hiking,

People suffering from back pain can experience a drastic decrease in their spinal range in terms of both rotation, and motion. There is a much higher chance of you solving any issue that you have if you get your back pain treated quickly. 

Digestive Issues

When it comes to the human body, nothing happens independently. Every human organ is connected. When you feel pain in one part of your body, it might be resulting from an abnormality in a complete region.  

Can back pain lead to digestive issues? Yes, it can. The sacrum is a nerve that is found inside the backbone. Lower back pain can damage the sacrum nerve, leading to constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, and gas. It can also result in bladder malfunction. 

The sympathetic, and the parasympathetic are two nerves that are connected to both the spine and the human digestive system. Damage to these nerves can also lead to digestive issues. Sadly, the opposite can occur too, meaning if these two nerves are under stress, they can cause pain in the back. 

Poor Nervous System Functioning

What counts as chronic back pain? If you have been suffering from pain for over three months, or if the pain persists even after one month of the root cause being resolved, then it is chronic. The presence of chronic pain itself can make the human nervous system vulnerable to pain. This happens because chronic pain continuously sends stimuli to the nerve fibres, thus keeping them agitated. 

Prolonged chronic pain can alter the cell structure, and in the worst-case scenario, completely remodel the nervous system. When it comes to back pain, it is closely linked with poor mental health as it will worsen your quality of life.

Depression and Mood Changes

Who would be in a happy mood if they are suffering from chronic back pain? Anyone that has had back pain knows how miserable it can make you. All those things you love to do are suddenly put on hold, and even basic tasks such as shopping become very difficult.

People usually tend to stay home due to back pain. Back pain makes people feel physically uncomfortable. This change of lifestyle can lead to feelings of isolation. When people stay isolated for a long, they start to develop depression and anxiety. 


How do I know if my back pain is not serious?

If you have started experiencing back pain just recently, don’t run to a conclusion yet. Usually, if the pain was triggered by lifting a heavy object, the pain would slowly fade away. It is a natural healing process that can take time. If you feel you’re improving with each day, then it’s likely the damage isn’t serious. 

Is back pain life-threatening?

Back pain is almost always not life-threatening. However, the human body is intricately connected. So, in rare cases, back pain is a symptom of something more severe. This is why you should always consult with a medical professional.



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