London Sports Massage Gift Voucher Guide (2024 Update)

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Is there a more relaxing gift than a massage? Whether you want to give your sporty friend an intense deep tissue massage or just help your bestie unwind after a stressful work experience, a sports massage gift voucher is a thoughtful gift.

However, if you opt for a voucher from a discount site, you are missing a trick!

The best London sports massage gift vouchers come from the best clinics. To save you time researching each clinic individually, this guide features a list of the best of the best. This is where we step in too. At One Body, we have vouchers for sports massage (and physiotherapy) in several locations across London. Here’s what our voucher is all about, plus some other highly-rated vouchers to consider.

The Best Voucher for London Sports Massage

Sports massage isn’t just for gym buffs. Anyone leading an active lifestyle or feeling the aches and pains of day-to-day life can relax under the capable hands of a professional sports massage therapist. For birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas gifts, or to show your appreciation to employees or colleagues, sports massage gift vouchers are versatile too.

At One Body, our sports massage vouchers are perfect for soothing tense, stiff and sore muscles. Using soft and deep tissue massage techniques, sports massage can be an intense release. It “hurts” in a good way, like cracking your knuckles, undoing a tight ponytail, or tucking into extra spicy food. 

Sports massage can also be gentle, particularly for those with sports injuries or other medical conditions. A good sports massage therapist adjusts the practice to your body and needs, ensuring it’s always a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. And that’s why choosing the best clinic to purchase a gift voucher from is so important!

At One Body, you can choose from a session with either a senior therapist or physiotherapist (more on this below) and a session length:

  • 30 minutes – a quick session to release tension and soothe the body.
  • 60 minutes – our recommended session length, giving you time to really unwind.
  • 90 minutes – an extended session length to treat you thoroughly from head to toe.

The sports massage voucher can be redeemed at one of our custom-built treatment hubs in Farringdon, Old Street, or London Bridge.

Qualified Physiotherapists

This is why we are confident that our sports massage gift vouchers are the best in London. Not only are our team members qualified in sports massage, they are also registered physiotherapists. Compared to sports massage (brush up on your knowledge using our sports massage guide), physiotherapy has a much wider scope and requires more intense training and education up to a degree level. 

Physiotherapy takes a medical approach, with a diagnosis and treatment built into the practice. A physiotherapist has more training, more musculoskeletal and anatomical knowledge, and offers a more comprehensive service. Who could be better to provide a sports massage too?

Discover our gift voucher shop to learn more and buy a voucher for London sports massage today.

Other Top London Sports Massage Gift Vouchers

We’re not the only clinic in London offering highly-rated gift vouchers for sports massage therapy. Here are some other options you could consider.

Voucher for Mobile Sports Massage in London

Sports massage is relaxing – a chance to take a break and escape your busy life (or hectic training schedule). Receiving a sports massage in a state-of-the-art clinic adds to the experience. However, for those people who cannot get to a clinic or need more flexibility, one choice is a mobile sports massage voucher. 

By visiting your home, a sports massage therapist can work their magic with a mobile workstation. They’ll need enough space for you to lay flat or place their mobile massage table, but any other equipment they need will be brought with them. Having some clean towels to hand is also a good idea.

Just as with a clinic, you should look at the qualifications and reviews for at-home practitioners. Some of the most well-known at-home sports massage vouchers serving London include:

  • Urban – vouchers start at £20 but sessions cost a bit more, so keep that in mind when choosing an amount to gift! Therapists bring their own massage tables too.
  • Secret Spa – relaxing and de-stress massages available as well as sports massage for a more intense experience, all offered with mobile visits.

Voucher for Student Sports Massage in London

A sports massage is a wonderful gift, but it’s not always budget-friendly. The best way to find an affordable gift voucher is to look for clinics that offer 30-minute sessions (like One Body) but you can also try student sports massage.

To train to become professional sports massage therapists, students need to practise under the careful eye of a mentor or staff. As a result, you are welcome to volunteer your time for a student to give you a sports massage! 

You won’t find official gift vouchers from these places of education, but you may be able to arrange a sports massage for a loved one nonetheless.

  • London South Bank University (LSBU) – volunteer for a sports massage during term time at the Croydon campus.
  • North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM) – £30 for an hour-long session, but the clinic is only open for a limited number of dates.

Voucher for 2-Hour London Sports Massage

If you want to purchase a longer sports massage voucher, the longest session time you will be able to find is two hours. This is an ideal gift for anyone who really needs to relax from head to toe. The sports massage therapist will pay attention to every muscle, releasing all the tension and soothing away aches and pains.

A longer session isn’t always best, however. If you are buying a sports massage voucher in London for someone with a sports injury, a shorter and less intense massage may be better. If you need advice on what session length is best, why not reach out to us at One Body LDN? We find that our 90-minute sessions are the perfect length for those seeking a more fulfilling treatment. 

For a two hour sports massage gift session, consider:

  • Massaggi – with clinics in Marylebone and Islington, Massaggi offers a range of session length choices including a two-hour option on their gift voucher page.
  • Masaj – for a two-hour sports massage session, Masaj prices start at over £300. The clinic has locations in Soho, Marylebone and Shoreditch.

Voucher for Couples Deep Tissue Massage

Sports massage is very popular with athletes and fitness fanatics, however it is incredibly useful and effective for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. Whether that means walking the dog every day or just feeling the tension after working 9-to-5, anyone feeling stressed and worn out can benefit. This applies to couples too – releasing stress together with a simultaneous massage can be quite romantic!

A couples deep tissue massage, or a couples sports massage, can be a wonderful gift. As you’d expect, it will be more expensive than a single massage (and if it isn’t, that should be a major red flag) so take that into consideration. Some of the best clinics offering couples massages in London include:

  • The Massage Rooms – two 60-minute massages for a couple, with an at-home service covering the entirety of London.
  • Masaj – as well as offering two-hour long sessions, Masaj also has an option for couples deep tissue massage vouchers. You can choose from 30, 60, 90, and 120-minute session options.

Pregnancy Massage Vouchers in London

A massage during pregnancy can ease tension and nerves about upcoming motherhood, plus release the aches and pains that come with growing a tiny human. So, a pregnancy massage is a wonderful gift for those that are expecting!

The trick is to choose a clinic that has therapists that specialise in pregnancy massage. They’ll have the expertise and knowledge to apply the right techniques, helping soothe the body without causing additional stress. The techniques used may overlap with some sports massage techniques, but are gentler and more suitable for expecting mums.

In London, you can find pregnancy massage gift vouchers at:

  • Fulham Massage – a 1-hour massage session with your choice of sports, pregnancy, deep tissue, Swedish, or remedial massage.
  • One Body LDN – choose one of our massage voucher options and let us know that it’s for a pregnant friend or family member.
cupping techniques used for sports massage therapy Physiotherapy in London

Extra Options

If you’re still looking for a voucher for London sports massage, you can try these clinics too:

  • Bodied – referring to sports massage therapy as “Sportif” there are options for 45 and 75-minute sessions as well as the usual session lengths in Tower Hamlets.
  • Rollà Therapy – valid for just six months after purchase, these sports massage therapy vouchers are for the Queensway clinic in west London.
  • London Sports Therapy – based in Chiswick, you can purchase a sports therapy voucher, running assessment voucher, or injury assessment voucher for the athlete in your life.
  • Dr Stretch – if you want to book a bundle of sessions as a gift, Dr Stretch has sports massage gift vouchers with three or six sessions included for their Islington clinic.

What to Look for When Buying a Voucher for London Sports Massage

In addition to the length of the session and the clinic location, there are a few other aspects to consider before purchasing a voucher for sports massage in London.

First, check the terms and conditions. How long is the voucher valid for? Can it be used for any session time or are there restrictions? Can it be exchanged or swapped for another type of massage? If these details aren’t made clear on the clinic’s website, it could be a problem.

Checking the customer reviews not just on the website but also on social media is also a good idea. Look for reviews from people who purchased a voucher or redeemed one.

Most clinics offer virtual vouchers, where the voucher (or simply a message and link to redeem the session) is sent via email to the recipient. However, some clinics can also send the voucher through the mail, making it more of a present to open. Just make sure you aren’t being charged too much extra for what is essentially just a piece of paper!

To learn more about what makes a great sports massage voucher and find out what options are available at One Body, explore our London sports massage voucher shop today.


What does a sports massage include?

Sports massage is a deep and soft tissue massage. The sports massage therapist will knead, wring and release, targeting your muscles and finding knots. Sports massage can also involve cupping and acupuncture – these might be add-ons, depending on the sports massage clinic.

Is a massage voucher a good gift?

A sports massage voucher is a great gift, as it’s more effective and targeted than a general spa massage. It’s suitable for anyone, whether they’re into sports or not. Sports massage is great for releasing tension and stiff muscles from day-to-day life.

How is a sports massage different?

Compared to a general spa massage, a sports massage applies more pressure for a deeper massage that targets the muscles. Our customers often report that a sports massage “hurts in a good way” like a release of tension. Sports massage techniques can be adjusted for a sports injury too.

What is a reasonable price for a sports massage in London?

For a sports massage in London, the average price for a session is around £60 to £100 for an hour. For a voucher or gift massage, you may need to pay more as it is a more luxurious package. Costs increase for add-ons (like acupuncture or physiotherapy) and longer sessions, with two hours typically being the most expensive.

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