Proud To Partner With
Saving Harbin Dogs

Saving victims of China’s dog meat trade – Saving Harbin Dogs are a volunteer-run organisation based in the UK, US and Harbin, China.

When you book a session at One Body, we give a portion of your session fee to support this amazing volunteer-run rescue partner dedicated to saving dogs from a horrific fate.

Saving Dogs From a Horrific Fate

Every year, around 10 million dogs are estimated to lose their lives to China’s meat trade. Whether sold by breeders, found on the street, or stolen from loving homes, these dogs end up in the same place and situation.

They are abused, tortured, starved, neglected, and exposed to horrific and barbaric treatment, and then they are brutally slaughtered and sold for human consumption.

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Based in China, Saving Harbin Dogs work tirelessly to save as many dogs as possible from starvation, torture, mental trauma and slaughter due to the dog meat trade.


Saving Harbin Dogs does not have a shelter. They are an all-volunteer foster-based rescue focusing on rescue efforts to save dogs from the dog meat trade (along with other abused, neglected and abandoned dogs).

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Saving Harbin Dogs rescues dogs from dog meat trucks, the local shelter, the streets and puppy mills.

They get them medical treatment, put them into foster homes or pay to board them, while working to find them homes where they will be safe.

They pick up these broken souls, house them, feed them, love them and try to find them safe, loving UK forever homes for a second chance at life. 

proud partner

thank you saving harbin dogs!

At One Body LDN, we aim to raise awareness of this incredible rescue. 

And for every session you book at One Body, we will donate a portion of your session fee to this incredible rescue.

They are a volunteer-run charity and rely solely on donations. Please click below to visit their site.