The Best Sports Massage in London – Ultimate Guide 2024

best sports massage in London clinics list Physiotherapy in London

Let’s countdown the clinics listed as offering the best sports massage in London! This list was compiled by our expert physiotherapists with in-depth knowledge of all the clinics located across the capital. It will take you through some of the best places to get a sports massage, whether you are an athlete or just live an active lifestyle.

From soothing pain to improving performance and preventing injuries, sports massage therapy has a lot to offer. To learn more about the benefits of sports massage therapy and how it overlaps with physiotherapy, read our Ultimate Guide to Sports Massage.

10 Best Sports Massage Clinics in London

Sports massage and physiotherapy often go hand-in-hand, with physio clinics in London offering sports massage services and vice-versa. We’ve written a guide to the factors that make a sports massage clinic good below (keep scrolling) but here’s an important spoiler:

Sports massage therapists should be qualified for sports massage therapy, ideally with years of practical hands-on experience. A physiotherapist can provide sports massage therapy if they are trained in it. Likewise, a sports massage therapist can provide physiotherapy if they are educated, licensed and registered for physio with the HCPC.

Always check that your therapist is qualified and experienced in the practice they are offering, regardless of which best sports massage clinic you choose from our list.

1. One Body LDN Sports Massage

  • Locations: Tower Bridge, Old Street, Farringdon
  • Additional Services: Physiotherapy, Full Body MOT

One Body LDN is the place to go for the best sports massage in London. It’s not just that we have an award-winning team of former athletes and expert therapists; we have been voted the best by our customers and have the reviews to prove it.

What really sets us apart is that our team is overqualified. While you’ll receive a sports massage from a trained sports massage therapist, it’s good to know that your therapist is also a registered physiotherapist. They will also have a specialisation that fits your needs – whether that’s injury rehabilitation, football and rugby knowledge, strength training and conditioning, or just letting go of work stress.

One Body offers sports massage in three locations across the capital too, so you have more flexibility and convenience – just book sessions that fit around your schedule. You can even use your private health insurance or corporate benefits to cover the cost!

Learn more about our sports massage service today to get started.

2. Movement RX Sports Massage at London Bridge

  • Location: Borough High Street 
  • Additional Services: Sports Therapy, Dry Needling, Dry Cupping, Group Mobility Classes

Movement RX is a sports massage clinic sandwiched between Borough Market and London Bridge. It is highly rated in London for offering sports massage as well as sports therapy – the distinction being that Movement RX’s sports massage is for relaxation and reducing muscle tension, while sports therapy focuses on sports injury treatment and rehab.

Many testimonials for Movement RX praise tension release in particular, noting how great Dana (the owner of Movement RX) is for alleviating pain and improving mobility. Dana is trained in advanced dry needling and myofascial dry cupping as well as sports massage therapy. She is also a qualified personal trainer.

3. West 1 Health Sports Massage in London W1

  • Location: Westminster W1
  • Additional Services: Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Shockwave Therapy, Acupuncture

West 1 Health is a well-known clinic in Westminster offering a range of services, including physiotherapy and osteopathy as well as sports massage. The clinic has been providing services since 2003 and has a very clear and transparent list of professionals working there. This is great and it enables you to see exactly how qualified the sports massage therapists are!

Sports massage at West 1 Health is designed for anyone leading an active lifestyle (or even a tense office work lifestyle) to reduce pain, promote blood flow, and restore sporting or functional performance. One thing to note, however, is that this clinic has slightly above average prices compared to other clinics offering the same best sports massage in London services.

4. Motion Bodywork Sports Massage & Osteopathy

  • Location: Ealing
  • Additional Services: Remedial Massage, Soft Tissue Therapy, Relaxation Massage

Motion Bodywork is a modern sports massage clinic in Ealing, West London. Offering services around sports massage including dry needling, spinal and joint manipulation, and trigger point therapy, it’s a good choice if you need to relax. You don’t need to be an athlete either. Motion Bodywork is popular with all kinds of active people.

This clinic specialises in stiff and sore joints and muscles, plus muscle imbalances and sports injuries. It is also very close to Ealing Broadway, for easy transportation around London. Customers recommend this clinic for releasing tension and praise the clinic for making it so easy to book appointments. The only thing this clinic doesn’t cover is physiotherapy – stick with One Body LDN for professional physiotherapists!

5. London Soft Tissue Therapy

  • Locations: South Norwood, Bromley
  • Additional Services: Medical Acupuncture, Fibromyalgia Treatment, Osteopathic Articulation

London Soft Tissue Therapy (LSTT) has two locations in London – South Norwood and Bromley. Focusing on soft and deep tissue massage for sports massage therapy, the clinics have served Croydon, Bromley, Beckenham, and Crystal Palace since 2018.

LSTT doesn’t disclose the sports massage therapists on their website. They also have fewer years practising compared to other clinics offering the best sports massage in London. So, the reason we chose to include LSTT on this list is the amazing Google reviews left for Greg. The clinic may only be open three days a week, but if you are in the South Norwood or Bromley areas, it is definitely worth considering.

6. BodyCure Sports Massage in London

  • Location: City of London
  • Additional Services: Physiotherapy, Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Anti-Cellulite Massage

BodyCure is a dedicated physiotherapy and massage clinic based in the City of London. It has a great central London location, which is ideal if you want to book a sports massage for your lunch break. The nearest underground station to the BodyCure clinic is Mansion House on the Circle and District lines. It’s a great clinic location for Farringdon, Finsbury, Spitalfields and Whitechapel too.

The treatments available at this clinic include Swedish and relaxation massages as well as sports massage. The sports and remedial massage techniques are ideal for incorporating into a wellness regime, whether you are an athlete or just a gym goer. Your session here also includes suggestions of stretches and exercises that you can do between massages and while training to enhance recovery and injury prevention.

7. Kerry Reilly Therapy

  • Locations: Moorgate, Alperton, Kensal Rise, Bow, Corporate Visits, Home Visits
  • Additional Services: Soft Tissue Therapy, Acupuncture, Muscle Scraping

Kerry Reilly Therapy is a chain of clinics across London, run by Kerry Reilly who is an amateur MMA fighter with years of hands-on sports massage experience. In addition to clinic appointments, you can book on-site visits for businesses and home visits across the capital. With some of the best sports massage in London services (for a significant price), this option provides a whole wellness experience that is targeted for active individuals. They also offer vouchers that you can give to friends and family.

For injury rehabilitation, Kerry Reilly Therapy recommends their firmest massage treatment including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage and joint mobilisation. 

8. Six Physio Sports Massage Therapy

  • Locations: Home Visits, Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham, Marylebone, City of London
  • Additional Services: Physiotherapy, Pilates, Pelvic Health, Hand Clinic

Six Physio is one of the larger clinics in London, with numerous locations across the capital. Alongside various physiotherapy treatments and pilates classes, Six Physio also provides sports massage therapy for athletes and active individuals. This is a popular choice for supporting healthy muscle growth, easing aches and pains, and improving mobility. 

Unlike One Body LDN, where we start with an initial session and have a simple price structure for our physio and sports massage, Six Physio works a little differently. At the time of writing, their sports massage sessions start at £65 while their new patient physio sessions are priced at £130.

9. Ten Health & Fitness

  • Locations: Chiswick, City of London, Fitzrovia, King’s Cross, Little Venice, Nine Elms, Notting Hill, St James’s, Tottenham Court Road
  • Additional Services: Reformer Pilates, Personal Training, Physiotherapy

Ten Health & Fitness has locations across the capital and offers sports massage alongside other clinical and wellness therapies. Their sports massage sessions are designed for athletes, fitness gurus, or anyone who leads an active life from busy mums to construction workers.

Facebook reviews for this clinic frequently refer to the cleanliness and professionalism of the clinic environments. This is important for any kind of massage or physio, as feeling comfortable and welcome enables you to build trust and communicate with your massage therapist. At One Body, we also provide a state-of-the-art facility for our sports massage, giving you plenty of time to get to know your therapist. This encourages good communication which helps us help you!

10. Urban

  • Locations: Home Visits
  • Additional Services: Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Pregnancy Massage, IV Drips and Diagnostics

Urban is somewhat like an Uber for physio and massage therapy – it is a company operating across London that hires independent therapists under the Urban brand. So, that’s why this option is last on our list. Call us old fashioned, but we prefer the comfort and luxury of a clinic with a strong team of therapists working together!

Urban sports massage therapy can be at your home, at a hotel, or at the office. In addition to London, Urban operates in Birmingham, Manchester and Paris. Like One Body LDN, you may also be able to find same-day sessions if you need to squeeze a sports massage into your schedule. In addition to sports massage therapy, Urban also offers assisted stretching, deep tissue massage, and muscle therapy. These techniques use strong pressure to relieve your tension and soreness too.

sports massage at one body ldn Physiotherapy in London

How to Choose a Deep Sports Massage in London

Looking at our list of clinics with the best sports massage in London, which one would you choose? As all practising sports massage therapists must be educated with at least a diploma to provide sports massage, there’s more to look at than just who has the most education and experience. Here’s how to narrow down your choices.


Consider the location of the clinic:

  • How long would it take you to commute there?
  • Is it easily accessible via public transport?
  • Is there car parking available and how much does it cost?

If travelling to and from the clinic causes more stress than the sports massage session can unwind, you might want to consider a clinic in a location that’s more convenient for you. Home sessions might be convenient, but they come at an additional cost. There’s also something quite rejuvenating about having your session in a clean, relaxing atmosphere provided by a clinic too. It’s a chance to get away for an hour or so.


Cost is always a driving factor when choosing sports massage therapy. The cheapest session you’ll find will be around £30, with luxury sessions on the other end of the spectrum at £200 or more.

One way to reduce the cost of a sports massage while increasing its efficacy is to book multiple sessions at once. Many clinics, including One Body, offer a discount for booking a bundle of sessions into your schedule. Don’t forget that private health insurance can also be used for both sports massage therapy and physiotherapy. Check your insurance policy or corporate health benefits.


Another aspect to consider is flexibility. Can you book sports massage sessions that are flexible to your lifestyle? This may mean looking for session times at specific times of day (and perhaps getting a discount for booking “off-peak”) or looking for professionals willing to do home visits. Look at the policy for cancellations and late fees before you book a session too.

Receiving a sports massage from a professional who is also a trained physiotherapist also gives you more flexibility. You can talk to them about non-sports related injuries, receive advice and more bespoke treatments too.

Specialist Sports Massage

Sports massage can be highly beneficial for anyone, but for pro and amateur athletes it makes sense to seek a sports massage therapist with experience in their sport. Seeking a therapist who has in-depth knowledge (and even first-hand experience) of your sport will make the experience more effective and may even give you a competitive edge. They’ll understand your goals, what is required of your body to perform at the peak of your sport, and how to get there.

For example, at One Body LDN, many of our trained physio and sports massage therapists are former athletes. Our co-founder Kurt is a former WKO top 10 UK-ranked professional K1 kickboxer, for example. Rebecca, our other co-founder, has helped all manner of elite athletes including UFC fighters and England rugby players.

For the best results, find a sports massage therapist with the qualifications and proven experience to match your goals for sports massage therapy.

Book the Best Sports Massage in London Today

One Body LDN has something that most sports massage centres don’t. Licensed physiotherapists offering award-winning deep sports massage. We’re over qualified for the job! Whether you are a pro athlete or just spend all day on your feet, we can help you with effective, deep and relieving massage techniques.

Ease away your pain, soothe sore muscles, and get your performance up with injury-prevention benefits too. It all starts with booking a session in London. Explore our Best Sports Massage today and find out how you can use private health insurance or corporate benefits at One Body.


Where is the best sports massage clinic in London?

Award-winning sports massage therapy at One Body LDN is available in London Bridge SE1, Old Street EC2, and Farringdon EC1. You can find sports massage clinics across London – always opt for specialised clinics with transparency about their therapists’ qualifications and experience.

How much does a sports massage cost in London?

Prices for a sports massage in London range from £30 to £200 for an hour-long session. It really depends on the location, session time (e.g. off-peak times) and reputation of the clinic. Don’t forget that you can use your private health insurance or corporate benefits to pay for sports massage therapy at some clinics, including One Body LDN.

How do I choose a sports massage therapist?

The best sports massage in London for you should be provided by a therapist that has experience in your injury or sport. You should also carefully assess their qualifications and experience – for the best possible massage, you can look for trained physiotherapists offering sports massage services.

What type of massage is best for sports injuries?

Sports massage techniques that are suitable for treating sports injuries are gentle, to avoid putting extra strain on the injury. Using gentler techniques such as Swedish-style massage, a sports massage therapist can promote blood flow and soothe pain, for a better recovery.

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