What to Pay for Physiotherapy in London

physiotherapy london prices Physiotherapy in London

Navigating physiotherapy London prices can leave you with a headache. Ranging from the ultra expensive to the dirt cheap, you can find physio at every price point. And that should raise some red flags! 

How do you know if physio is suspiciously cheap? Are you being overcharged for your private physio? And how can you get the best deal? Our guide to private physio costs in London has the answer.

Private Physiotherapy London Prices Guide

The cost of private physiotherapy in London depends on:

  • The type of physio (read our Ultimate Guide to Physiotherapy to learn about types).
  • The expertise and experience of the physiotherapist.
  • The location, facilities and equipment they will use.
  • The length of the session.

The more specialist the type of physio, experience of the physiotherapist, range of facilities used, and the length of the session, the more the cost. So, a single 30-minute session for back pain involving soft tissue massage should ideally cost less than an intensive 1-hour strength training and athletic physio session in the private gym.

In 2024, the average prices for physiotherapy vary widely across London. Comparing an extensive personal training session with a gentle massage isn’t fair. So, here are the average prices based on a basic 30-minute physio session.

  • Cheapest London physiotherapy – costs start at around £30 for a quick 30-minute session.
  • Mid-cost London physiotherapy – the average for your 30-minute session is £40 to £60.
  • Expensive London physiotherapy – expect to pay £120 or more for just one session.

The cost of an initial consultation, with assessment and diagnosis, is often higher than a regular session at some clinics. This is often due to the cost of using X-rays and other equipment to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Location also plays a factor – the more the clinic pays to rent or own their space, the more they’ll need to charge to cover costs.

How Much You Pay at One Body LDN

Our award-winning physio prices start at £42 for a 30-minute session during off-peak hours. For longer sessions, sessions with a senior physiotherapist, and sessions during peak hours, our prices increase accordingly.

All our prices are clearly explained on our pricing page. When you’re looking at physiotherapy London prices, it’s very important that you know the cost upfront. If a clinic isn’t upfront and 100% clear about how much physio will cost you, it’s best to look elsewhere!

osteopathy and physiotherapy London Physiotherapy in London

Is Cheap Physiotherapy in London Worth It?

All physiotherapists in the UK must have attended university, trained for numerous years, and be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). So, is there really a difference between the service you receive at cheap physiotherapy in London and the most expensive?

The answer is yes. A physiotherapy clinic may be very cheap because:

  • The physiotherapists have little experience or few specialisations.
  • The facilities at the clinic are limited or outdated.
  • The location enables the clinic to lower costs (especially for independent physios working from home or conducting home visits).
  • The clinic has just opened and needs patients.
  • The clinic has received negative reviews and needs to lower costs to attract patients.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should opt for the most expensive. As costs are dictated by location and reputation, a high price doesn’t always reflect the quality of service you receive.

Instead of making your choice of physio clinic on the cost alone, you should consider whether the expertise and evidence-based practices of the clinic match your condition or goals. You can also factor in whether the location is convenient for you and whether you can book sessions that fit around your schedule.

Once you have a shortlist of physiotherapy clinics you can attend that have the expertise you need, you can compare the prices to find what best fits your budget. That’s the wise way to go about finding affordable physiotherapy in London!

How to Reduce the Cost of Physiotherapy in London

Still worried about paying too much for the physiotherapy you need? Well, the first thing you should consider is NHS physiotherapy. If your doctor refers you to NHS physio, you won’t need to pay. However, you will have to contend with long waiting lists, shorter sessions, and minimal choice over when and where you can attend physio in your location.

With private physio, you will either need to use private health insurance or pay for it out of your own pocket. Most physio clinics, including One Body LDN, accept all the major private health insurance providers.

Other ways to reduce physiotherapy London prices include:

  • Looking for vouchers and discounts.
  • Booking multiple sessions together at a discounted price.
  • Choosing off-peak times and being willing to travel further to reach the clinic.

You should never compromise on the quality of care just to keep the cost down. So, avoid choosing physiotherapists who aren’t experts in your health condition or clinics that don’t disclose their physiotherapists’ specialities at all. Likewise, try to keep in mind the number of sessions you need – it is important that you complete the full schedule of physiotherapy sessions rather than dropping out halfway due to cost.

Physiotherapy London Prices – They’re Worth It

To summarise, physiotherapy can ease your pain, help your body heal, and improve your quality of life. And while it is worth paying for the expertise and fast service of a private physio clinic, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to do so. For a range of price options, physiotherapist specialities, and schedule times, learn more about One Body LDN physiotherapy today.

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