Voucher for Physiotherapy in London Gift Guide

voucher for physiotherapy in London guide Physiotherapy in London

Whether you’re looking for a meaningful gift or want to treat yourself with a deal, finding a voucher for physiotherapy in London is an excellent idea. Soothe your aches and pains, treat your family to a wellness break, or just book in for a sports massage – because why not?

With many of the best physiotherapy clinics in the UK located in London, you will be spoilt for choice. So, how exactly do you choose? Our guide to vouchers and gift cards for physiotherapy in London is here to help. We have compared our physiotherapy vouchers at One Body with others available across the city.

P.S. If you are not sure what type of voucher for physiotherapy in London you need, consult our Ultimate Guide to Physiotherapy first!

Best Voucher for Physiotherapy in London

Physiotherapy is best when it’s personalised to the recipient’s needs. Athlete? Sports physio is for them. Back pain? A deep tissue massage could be what the doctor recommends. Undiagnosed leg pain? A physio assessment is the first step.

So, when you’re choosing a voucher for physiotherapy in London, you want to pick an option that either suits the recipient’s troubles or has flexibility built in.

At One Body LDN, our physiotherapy vouchers allow you to book a session with either a physiotherapist or senior physiotherapist:

  • Senior physiotherapist voucher – this voucher gives you a time slot with a senior physiotherapist. If you want to gift the best physiotherapy available in London, this is the option for you.
  • Physiotherapist voucher – a timeslot with one of our registered and highly-rated physiotherapists. A little more budget-friendly but the experience is still a luxury!

The physiotherapy voucher at One Body LDN is for deep tissue massage and general musculoskeletal physiotherapy. This covers all kinds of aches and pains, from sports injuries to back pain and poor posture. Physiotherapy can be highly effective for these everyday ailments.

Another feature of the best physiotherapy vouchers to look for is time flexibility. This allows you to book physio at different budgets and for different schedules. If the recipient is always short on time, a 30-minute voucher session is perfect. However, if you know that they have some notable aches and pains to work through, a 60-minute or 90-minute session would be a better choice.

Purchasing a voucher for physiotherapy in London at One Body is simple:

  1. Choose between physiotherapist and senior physiotherapist.
  2. Choose between 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes.
  3. Add the recipients email, name, and a message.
  4. Choose when the voucher should be sent to the recipient.
  5. Head to the checkout and purchase the voucher.

Once the recipient receives the voucher via email, they can book their session at a time that suits them. To book a luxury treat for a friend or family member, discover One Body Physiotherapy Vouchers today.

voucher for physiotherapy in London - great for general aches and pains Physiotherapy in London

Other Great Gift Cards for Physiotherapy in London

Along with the One Body voucher for physiotherapy in London, there are numerous other gift cards that you can find online. Here are some of the best that our team of physiotherapists are happy to recommend.

Best Gift Card for Pregnancy Physiotherapy in London

Pregnancy physiotherapy is focused on pampering expecting mums. This involves massaging away back pain, easing swollen ankles, and giving her a little ‘me time” before the baby arrives. Physio sessions can also help to boost confidence and strengthen the body to make labour a little more comfortable. It’s a wonderful gift for baby showers too!

When you’re looking to buy a gift card for pregnancy physiotherapy in London, look for experience and expertise. It’s best to get a gift card from a private physiotherapy clinic that specialises in pregnancy and women’s health physio. Take a look at:

  • One Body LDN – purchase a physio voucher from our store or get in touch to find out how we can treat physio patients during pregnancy.
  • Maternity Physio – pregnancy, postnatal or restorative massage vouchers for the Islington clinic.
  • Support & Sustain – single sessions or treatment cycle vouchers in Camberwell.
  • London Home Visit Physiotherapy (Excellence Physiotherapy) – call or email to purchase pregnancy massage session vouchers.

Best Gift Card for Postnatal Physiotherapy in London

Postnatal physiotherapy can also be a good gift for expecting mothers so they can plan for the first 6 months postpartum. Returning gradually to exercise and activity postpartum has numerous benefits and may even reduce the risk of conditions like postpartum depression.

A gift card for postnatal physiotherapy can boost the confidence of new mums and help them get back on their feet. It also gives them a break from mum life! It is an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Popular postnatal physiotherapy gift cards in London also include “mummy MOTs”. These sessions are designed to assess pelvic floor health, abdominal muscles and general fitness levels, thus enabling the physiotherapist to provide personalised advice on returning to a regular exercise routine.

Some of the best gift cards for postnatal physiotherapy in London include:

  • One Body LDN – in addition to general and massage physiotherapy, we can help postnatal mums get back on their feet – get in touch or buy one of our physio voucher sessions.
  • La Femme Physio – contact for mummy MOT and postnatal physio in Kingston.
  • Maria Elliott Physiotherapy Services – one-hour mummy MOT sessions at the MEPS Clinic London.
  • Pelvicare – Greenwich physiotherapy clinic with gift vouchers for women’s health and postnatal physio.

Best Voucher for Baby Physiotherapy in London

Baby physiotherapy, also known as paediatric physiotherapy, is a physical treatment for children. Unless referred by a physician, most kids don’t need to see a physiotherapist. But in those circumstances where a few physiotherapy sessions are required, giving the gift of baby physiotherapy vouchers can be extremely thoughtful (and help mum and dad save money).

The trick is to look for paediatric physiotherapists who specialise in the condition or ailment the recipient is suffering from. You should also research the paediatric physiotherapist’s age group, from babies and toddlers to school-age kids or teenagers, for example.

Many London physiotherapy clinics offer baby physiotherapy services, but at the time of writing, only one clinic has vouchers available for this type of physio:

  • Excellence Physiotherapy – vouchers for a general baby check-up or specific ailments.

Best Home Massage Gift Vouchers

Massage is one of the most commonly used techniques in physiotherapy, especially for musculoskeletal physio. Sports massages can help athletes recuperate and recover, while soft and deep tissue massages can treat injuries or soothe your aches for a pain-free life.

At One Body, our voucher for physiotherapy in London can be used at one of our two London clinic locations. We also offer peak and off-peak time slots, so those with busy schedules can still benefit from a high-quality physiotherapy session.

However, there are also at-home massage gift vouchers available for Londoners. If you need a physiotherapist massage and cannot travel, you can find services that will come to your home. This includes established clinics as well as independent physiotherapists. Regardless of whether they work alone or not, you should always make sure the physiotherapist is experienced and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). 

Some at-home physio vouchers are available from:

  • Urban – home massage gift vouchers sent via email or post.
  • London Home Massage – sports, holistic, aromatherapy and hot stones voucher options.
what does physiotherapy do - guide at one body London Physiotherapy in London

Best Osteopathy Vouchers in London

Although osteopathy and physiotherapy are distinct disciplines, there are many overlaps in the techniques used and the ailments that are treated – learn more about this in our Osteopathy vs Physiotherapy Guide. You’ll also find that many physiotherapists are also trained in osteopathy – including some physiotherapists at One Body LDN.

Buying osteopathy vouchers in London for a friend or family member can be a good way to provide a thoughtful gift for birthdays or other occasions. Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that can be used to treat pain. It focuses on the muscles, tissues, bones and joints but isn’t quite as wide-ranging as physiotherapy.

If you know that a family member or friend has considered osteopathy or had osteopathy sessions in the past, you can look for osteopathy vouchers in London. Some clinics that practise osteopathy in London that offer vouchers include:

  • Kennington Osteopaths and Physiotherapy – osteo vouchers in London, valid for up to three months.
  • Kuu – osteopathy and physiotherapy vouchers are available for this modern clinic in Hackney, London.
  • British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) – a charity clinic in Hampstead with osteo vouchers available.

Best Sports Massage Vouchers in London

A sports massage can be a deeply relaxing, restorative and productive session for any athlete – or just an exuberant gym goer! Sports massage vouchers in London are popular because you don’t need to be a pro-athlete or have a sports injury to benefit from them. A sports massage can simply be used to improve recovery and enhance flexibility, for example.

So, this makes sports massage vouchers great gifts for fitness enthusiasts of all kinds. The key is that even though a sports massage doesn’t always address an injury, it should still be performed by a professional and registered physiotherapist.

At One Body LDN, our sports massage is designed for stiff, tense and sore muscles to melt away your pain. Our physiotherapists use a combination of deep tissue massage, stretching, myofascial release, and knot release techniques to relax your body.

You can find our sports massage and physiotherapy vouchers for our private London clinics here.

Why Buy a Physiotherapy Gift Voucher?

Purchasing a physiotherapy gift voucher as a present is a great idea. It’s a gift that not only shows that you care but also fixes an ailment. Enabling someone to live a pain-free life – is there a greater gift?

There are other benefits to choosing a voucher for physiotherapy in London as a gift:

  • No unwanted clutter – your gift will be used and enjoyed, not left to gather dust in a closet.
  • Suitable for all recipients – physiotherapy vouchers are thoughtful gifts for friends, family, employees, and business associates.
  • Personalised for the individual – part of our job in physiotherapy sessions is diagnosing and treating the body in front of us, whatever the ailment.
  • Flexible times – vouchers can be redeemed when the recipient is ready, usually within a few months or year of the date of the voucher. It fits their schedule!
  • Budget options – choosing general vs specialised physiotherapy, as well as different session lengths, allows you to find a voucher that fits your budget.

This is in addition to all the proven benefits of physiotherapy that we cover in our Ultimate Guide to Physiotherapy.

helping a patient with strength training physio Physiotherapy in London

Guide – How to Choose Physiotherapy Vouchers in London

Having a lot of choice when it comes to selecting vouchers for physio is great; until it isn’t. Every physiotherapist in London must be registered to practice and have an extensive education – so how do you know which one is best for your gift?

First, let’s talk about the cost.

Discounts for a Physio Voucher are Great!

Vouchers often give you a few options when it comes to price, meaning you can choose a single session, off-peak session, or short session for your gift. You’ll also quickly find that physiotherapy gift cards range in price from one clinic to another.

When you are comparing physiotherapy vouchers in London, make sure you’re being fair. The cost of a one-hour baby physiotherapy session with a senior therapist should be more than a general 30-minute physio session.

The key when looking at price is judging whether the cost of the voucher for physiotherapy in London is appropriate for the service being offered and the expertise of the physiotherapist offering it.

In general, the price of physiotherapy is dictated by:

  • The type of physio and physiotherapist.
  • Location of the clinic and/or equipment used for the session.
  • Length and timing of the session (off-peak vs peak).

But a High-Quality Voucher for Physiotherapy in London is Better!

While price is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor when you’re looking for a voucher for physiotherapy in London. If your budget doesn’t stretch to high-quality physiotherapy sessions with positive reviews, you might want to consider a different gift!

Avoid purchasing poorly reviewed or ultra cheap physiotherapy sessions. This also means avoiding hotels, spas and other establishments that offer massage type services that aren’t conducted by a trained and registered physiotherapist. This is especially important if you are gifting vouchers to someone with a specific condition or ailment that needs to be treated.

So, beyond price, you should also look for:

  • Additional qualifications and specialisations.
  • Good reviews on their website, Google, and social media.
  • Specific reviews from voucher recipients.
  • Terms and conditions attached to the voucher.

Most gift vouchers, including vouchers for physiotherapy in London, are only valid for a specific timeframe. For many vouchers, this is roughly one year but there are some exceptions. So, watch out!

Find the Best Physiotherapy

Ultimately, buying a London physiotherapy gift card is a thoughtful gift if you put some thought into it. Choose a clinic that specialises in the right kind of physio, with expert physiotherapists and excellent reviews.
For physiotherapy sessions with an expert senior physiotherapist or soothing sports massage vouchers, explore our Gift Voucher Shop at One Body LDN today.

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