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Emmanuel is a dedicated and driven individual passionate about helping others through physiotherapy. After graduating from Canterbury Christ Church University with a degree in physiotherapy, he was equipped with the knowledge and skills to positively impact people’s lives.

Before embarking on his journey in physiotherapy, Emmanuel had a remarkable background as both an athlete and a model. These experiences instilled in him a deep understanding of the human body, the importance of discipline and the value of perseverance.

He believes that his firsthand knowledge of the physical demands of these pursuits uniquely informs his approach to patient care. His focus and determination are central to his approach.

Emmanuel is committed to providing the best possible care to his patients, working diligently to develop tailored treatment plans that address their specific needs. He believes in the power of setting goals and working together to achieve them, promoting an environment of empowerment and growth.

One of Emmanuel’s greatest strengths is his friendly and approachable nature. He strives to create a comfortable and trusting atmosphere for his clients, making them feel at ease during their sessions. He understands the importance of building solid relationships based on open communication, respect, and empathy.

Furthermore, he has a keen interest in personal training, recognising the importance of not only rehabilitating injuries but also preventing them through proper exercise and conditioning. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping individuals optimise their physical fitness and performance.

In his spare time, you can find Emmanuel staying active through various activities like photography, playing sports, or engaging in personal fitness routines. He firmly believes in practising what he preaches and leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Emmanuel is genuinely passionate about his profession and the opportunity it provides to impact people’s lives positively.



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