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With over 5x the required training, our award-winning London Healix physios blend expert rehab and deep massage to permanently fix your body without ever overselling treatments.

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Our world-class lead physios have you covered; from acute injuries or traumas such as dislocations or rolling an ankle to muscle tears or back pain.

Stop just living with the pain. And don’t let it become long-term.

Fix the root cause of your problem today.






You won’t be ignored or told to just rest.

At your Healix physio appointment at One Body LDN, you talk; we listen. Your session starts with a thorough whole-body assessment; you’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses. 

We’ll assess your posture, your movement and aim to find the root cause of any issues you may have.



Next you’ll receive a variety of hands-on treatments.

Our treatment approach aims to cover all areas: reduce muscle tightness, increase joint mobility and reduce pain. Allowing you to move more freely.



No more painkillers or short-term fixes. But education to take with you.

We’ll discuss your treatment plan going forward, and coach you through your bespoke exercises.

You can implement these at home, or we will personally train you at our luxury Healix preferred London physio clinic. Giving both short and long-term fixes; whatever your goal.

Are you looking for the best Healix physiotherapy in London 2023? Look no further. Healix physiotherapy offers personalized treatment plans, compassionate care and support, and quick recovery and pain relief. In this post, we will go through all the services offered by Healix physiotherapy in London 2023 including physiotherapy treatments, occupational therapy, chiropractic care, and osteopathy. We will also answer all your questions about whether Healix covers physiotherapy and if One Body LDN is a Healix physiotherapy network provider. Lastly, we will help you find the best Healix physiotherapy near you in London 2023 by giving you a list of top physiotherapists in the area and introducing you to One Body LDN – an expert physio near you in London. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive offers and updates or contact us for more information and appointments.

Introduction to Healix Physiotherapy

When it comes to chronic pain, traditional physiotherapy treatments often fall short. This is where Healix Physiotherapy comes in, offering a unique approach to treating pain and injuries. At its core, Healix Physiotherapy focuses on personalised treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s specific needs. By combining cutting-edge techniques with compassionate care, Healix Physiotherapy has become the go-to choice for Londoners seeking relief from chronic pain and injury.

Benefits of Seeking Healix Physiotherapy

Healix Physiotherapy offers a host of benefits to those seeking relief from pain and improved mobility. Their personalized approach ensures that each patient’s unique needs and goals are taken into account, resulting in effective treatments that deliver long-lasting results. While traditional physiotherapy can be helpful, Healix Physiotherapy offers non-invasive alternatives to surgery and prescription medication that can help prevent future injuries while improving overall sports performance. By choosing Healix Physiotherapy, patients can expect compassionate care and support throughout their journey towards better health.

Quick Recovery and Pain Relief

Healix Physiotherapy is a great option for those seeking quick pain relief and recovery from various injuries and conditions. By identifying the root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms, Healix Physiotherapy can promote natural healing processes in a non-invasive and drug-free manner. This approach not only leads to faster recovery times but also improves overall mobility, strength, and flexibility while reducing the risk of future injuries. Patients have reported significant improvements after undergoing Healix Physiotherapy treatment.

Personalized Treatment Plans

At Healix Physiotherapy, we understand that every patient’s situation is unique. That’s why we offer personalized treatment plans based on individual needs and preferences. Our team of highly trained physiotherapists creates customized approaches that maximize the effectiveness of treatments while minimizing recovery time. We take into account numerous factors, including medical history, current condition, and lifestyle habits. Patients receive one-on-one attention from experienced therapists who work closely with them throughout the entire process to ensure better outcomes and higher levels of satisfaction.

Compassionate Care and Support

At Healix Physiotherapy, compassionate care and support are at the core of their practice. The experienced physiotherapists take the time to understand each patient’s unique needs, providing personalized treatment plans that address the root cause of their physical challenges. They work closely with patients throughout the entire process, offering one-on-one sessions for individualized attention and care. The holistic approach of Healix Physiotherapy focuses on long-lasting relief from symptoms and improved overall health outcomes, making them one of London’s best physiotherapy clinics.

Services Offered by Healix Physiotherapy in London

Healix Physiotherapy in London offers a wide range of personalized services to meet the unique needs of each patient. With expert manual therapy techniques, cutting-edge rehabilitation equipment and technology, and customized exercise programs, they provide comprehensive care to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. Patients also benefit from their focus on injury prevention, pain management, and healthy lifestyle habits through patient education. Their commitment to individualized attention and care has earned them a reputation as one of the best physiotherapy clinics in London.

Physiotherapy Treatments

Healix Physiotherapy offers a comprehensive range of physiotherapy treatments to patients dealing with various musculoskeletal conditions. Their experienced physiotherapists employ a holistic approach that targets the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. The clinic provides manual therapy techniques such as massage and joint mobilization to reduce pain and restore movement. Additionally, they customize exercise programs that enhance strength, flexibility, and balance to help patients recover quickly from injuries or conditions. Moreover, Healix’s electrotherapy treatments use electrical stimulation to promote healing and relieve pain, while acupuncture involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body to alleviate pain and improve function.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a vital service offered by Healix Physiotherapy, helping individuals regain independence and improve their daily lives. Whether it’s performing simple tasks like dressing or more complex activities like driving, the team of occupational therapists at Healix Physiotherapy are experienced in working with patients with various injuries or illnesses. Through exercises and training, patients can strengthen their muscles, improve coordination, and increase flexibility to better perform daily tasks. The goal of occupational therapy is to help patients achieve maximum independence and enhance their overall quality of life.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a hands-on approach to treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Through manipulation and adjustment of the spine, chiropractors aim to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and restore function in areas affected by injury or illness. At Healix Physiotherapy in London, our team of experienced chiropractors use personalized treatment plans to provide compassionate care and support to patients with a variety of conditions affecting their spine, back, neck, and other joints.


Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that focuses on the musculoskeletal system to alleviate pain and improve function. It can help treat a variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, and joint problems. At Healix Physiotherapy in London, their team of registered osteopaths are trained in various techniques to provide personalized treatment for each patient. With years of experience and a commitment to helping patients achieve their health goals, they offer safe and effective ways to manage pain and improve overall health.

Does Healix Cover Physiotherapy?

Healix covers physiotherapy under certain health insurance policies. However, it’s important to check with your specific policy to see if physiotherapy is covered. If it is not covered, it may still be possible to receive treatment and submit a claim for reimbursement. It could be beneficial to find a Healix-approved physiotherapy provider for easier claims processing. Physiotherapy can be an effective treatment option for a variety of conditions and injuries, and it is worth exploring all options for coverage and treatment.

Healix Therapy Coverage

Healix offers coverage for physiotherapy to its policyholders, but it varies based on the specific plan and policy details. It is crucial to check with your insurance provider about the coverage of physiotherapy under your Healix plan. Some policies may have limitations or require a referral from a physician. Healix also has a network of approved physiotherapy providers that you can choose from. Make sure to confirm if your preferred physiotherapy clinic is covered by Healix before seeking treatment.

Physiotherapy for Healix Patients

Recovering from injuries and managing chronic pain can be challenging, but physiotherapy can offer valuable support for Healix patients. With coverage depending on specific policies and plans, it’s important to check with insurance providers or Healix directly to confirm coverage. In partnership with licensed and experienced physiotherapists, Healix offers specialized services tailored to individual patients’ needs, improving overall health and quality of life.

Is One Body LDN a Healix Physiotherapy Network Provider?

When seeking physiotherapy services, it is important to know whether One Body LDN is a Healix network provider. This depends on the specific policy and coverage of your Healix plan. To ensure that you receive the full benefits of your insurance coverage, it is best to check with your healthcare provider or contact Healix directly for more information. If One Body LDN is not a network provider, there may be other options available through Healix’s extensive network of approved providers. It’s essential to choose an in-network provider to minimize out-of-pocket costs and access specialized physiotherapy services tailored to your individual needs.

Finding the Best Healix Physiotherapy Near Me in London 2023

When it comes to finding the best Healix physiotherapy near you in London, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, it’s important to research different clinics in your area and compare their services and reviews. Look for a clinic that offers a variety of treatment options, such as manual therapy and exercise programs, and check if they accept your insurance or offer affordable payment plans. Additionally, consider the qualifications and experience of the physiotherapists at each clinic and schedule a consultation to ensure they understand your specific needs and can create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Top Physiotherapists in London 2023

In London 2023, there are many physiotherapy clinics offering expert care for various conditions. When it comes to finding the top physiotherapists, extensive experience and training in treating specific conditions is crucial. It’s essential to look for clinics that offer personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs, as well as those with a reputation for providing high-quality service. Checking reviews and ratings of clinics can help determine their quality of service and accessibility, making it easier to choose the best option for you.

One Body LDN: Expert Physio Near Me In London

One Body LDN is a top-rated physiotherapy clinic in London that offers expert care for various conditions. With experienced and skilled therapists, the clinic provides a wide range of physiotherapy services, including sports injury rehabilitation and manual therapy. Patients can expect personalized care and tailored treatment plans at One Body LDN, which uses advanced techniques such as dry needling, cupping, and kinesiology taping to provide effective treatment. Additionally, the clinic offers virtual physiotherapy sessions for those unable to visit in-person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the best Healix physiotherapy clinic near me?

To find the best Healix physiotherapy clinic near you, start by checking online directories and review sites for clinics in your area. You can also ask for recommendations from your doctor, friends, or family members who have undergone physiotherapy treatment.

When evaluating different clinics, consider the qualifications and experience of the physiotherapists on staff. Look for clinics that offer personalized treatment plans and a range of services to address different conditions. By taking these steps, you can find a clinic that meets your needs and helps you achieve your health goals.


Healix Physiotherapy is dedicated to providing personalized care and support to help you achieve your health goals. With a range of treatments and services offered, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic care, and osteopathy, we have everything you need to get back to feeling your best. Our compassionate team of professionals ensures that you receive the best possible treatment for your condition. We accept most insurance plans, including Healix Therapy Coverage, and offer exclusive offers and updates through our newsletter. If you’re looking for the best Healix Physiotherapy near you in London 2023, look no further than One Body LDN. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or subscribe to our newsletter for more information.