What Is Released During Deep Tissue Massage?

Released During Deep Tissue Massage
What Is Released During Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massages can be a great idea for many reasons. You may be asking what is released during deep tissue massage? Here we’ll answer that question and see if deep tissue massage is right for you.

What Is Released During Deep Tissue Massage

Over time, our muscles can become weak, tight and tired. This can usually happen from playing sports and having an active lifestyle, but it can also happen from day-to-day activities.

A deep tissue massage can help to release knots in your muscles to bring them back to full strength. This can have secondary positive side effects, such as taking pressure away from your joints due to the restoration of muscle strength.

The other thing that deep tissue massage can release is stress! Having your muscles deeply worked can be great for the mind. Even though a deep tissue massage isn’t designed for relaxation, many people find it to be an effective stress reliever.

Does Deep Tissue Massage Release Toxins?

When it comes to the question of what is released during deep tissue massage, most people are wondering about toxins. So, does massage release toxins?

The answer is, not really. While the benefits of deep tissue massage are vast, getting rid of toxins isn’t really one of them. I say not really, as this form of massage can improve circulation, which can have a positive effect in terms of toxin release.

Our organs do an incredible job of getting rid of our bodily toxins, so you don’t need to worry about getting a massage to be toxin-free. Besides, there are many other great reasons to get a deep tissue massage.

Why Should I Get a Deep Tissue Massage?

While it may not literally get rid of toxins from your body, it sure can feel like it! Your muscles will feel better, and you’ll feel more invigorated due to a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility.

It’s that pain relief which is the most common and important reason to get a deep tissue massage. The deep pressure applied to your muscles will help to break down any tightness which can cause pain and poor muscle performance.

A deep tissue massage is also great at reducing inflammation too, partly due to the stimulation of increased blood flow. This can make it an effective treatment for conditions that cause inflammation, such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and fibromyalgia.

The benefits don’t stop there either. A deep tissue massage can work as a brilliant way to relieve stress, it lowers your blood pressure, and it can break up scar tissue from new or past injuries.

Final Thoughts

Many people think about getting a deep tissue massage as they hear that it can release toxins from the body. Sadly, that’s a myth, as your bodily organs do that for you already.

However, we’ve seen that there are many genuine reasons to get a deep tissue massage. If you want your muscles to feel better than ever, increase your mobility, and improve your cardiovascular health, book in for a deep tissue massage today!



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