Are Deep Tissue Massages Good For You?

Deep Tissue Massages, what's deep tissue massage
Are Deep Tissue Massages Good For You?


Have you been feeling muscle soreness, tension, or in pain? Does your entire body feel like one big ball of tight muscles? What you need is a session of deep tissue massage therapy. This therapeutic massage is widely used to treat chronic pain, muscle tension, and injury recovery.

It is also popular among athletes and active individuals who want to improve their range of motion and performance. So, are deep tissue massages good for you? Here we’ll look at why they are and all the benefits they provide. Let’s get started!

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Its idea is to release chronic tension and pain by targeting the underlying muscle and connective tissue.

With firm pressure and slow strokes, the massage therapist reaches the deep layers of muscle and fascia, which is the connective tissue surrounding the muscles.

A massage therapist will likely begin with a lighter pressure to warm up your muscles before progressing to a deeper pressure later in the massage. This type of massage differs from many other types of massage that focus more on relaxation and is usually less intense.

Are Deep Tissue Massages Good For You?

It’s safe to say yes, deep tissue massages are good for you. The therapist loosens scar tissue and dissolves muscle adhesions. Muscle adhesions are the painful bands of rigid muscle tissue that we feel as “knots” in the muscle. Aside from being sore and inflammatory, these knots can also hinder blood flow.

The body and mind can benefit from a deep tissue massage. Let’s have a look at these benefits in more detail:

Controls Blood Pressure and Heart Rate – Reducing stress and tension, which can raise blood pressure, is one of the goals of deep tissue massage. The systolic, diastolic, and arterial blood pressures of the recipient of a massage all show improvements after receiving one.

There is evidence that massage increases serotonin production, which is associated with positive emotions.

Ensures Ease of Movement Through Scar Break Up – Many people experience discomfort and stiffness in scarred areas. Regular deep tissue massages can aid in scar tissue break-up by stimulating lymphatic flow and drainage, thereby increasing mobility and flexibility in the affected area.

Relieves Symptoms of Arthritis – Deep tissue massage can relieve arthritis symptoms like pain, stiffness and joint stiffness. Moderate pressure reduces arthritis pain and tension, making it easier to move.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation – Deep-tissue massage reduces stress. A massage can help you unwind from work or home stress. Massages lower cortisol and increase oxytocin, a hormone that relaxes and soothes. It can also relieve stress-related muscle tension and headaches.

Reduces Pain – Most importantly, deep tissue massage treats many conditions. Massage therapy treats the likes of lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and stiff necks. Deep tissue massage can loosen tight tissue clusters that cause chronic muscle tension, thus relieving chronic pain better than medication.

Who Is Deep Tissue Massage For?

Athletes and Active People

Regular deep-tissue massages help athletes improve their range of motion by actively breaking down tightness around muscles.

Muscles, fascia, and other tissues can become stiff and prone to injury after years of strenuous exercise due to accumulated scar tissue and the development of numerous adhesions.

Stretching the muscle fibres and breaking up the scar tissue during a deep tissue massage helps athletes move more freely and quickly.

Pregnant Women

Deep tissue massages can ease labour pain, as prenatal massages help women relax and loosen tight muscles before labour. Cortisol increases reduce depression, anxiety, and leg and back pain in women.

Those who got regular massages in the weeks leading up to and during labour reportedly experienced less pain and had shorter childbirths than those who didn’t.

Those With Muscle Injuries

Patients suffering from muscle injuries can get help from deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage is beneficial for injured muscles because it helps loosen knots and unwind twisted muscle fibres. This also encourages the release of waste products trapped in the muscle tissue.

Since deep tissue massage has been shown to alleviate muscle fatigue, reduce the severity of post-exercise muscle soreness, and reduce the risk of injury, it is being incorporated into the recovery routines of many athletes.

Techniques of Deep Tissue Massage

Elbow Pressure – The therapist bends the arm to 90 degrees and places the elbow directly over a pressure point. After checking the position, they will slowly lean in to compress your muscles. This approach is most commonly used on the shoulders.

Knuckle Pressure – Similar to the elbow pressure technique, this method uses the therapist’s joints to apply more force than with the fingertips. The therapist will often rock and roll their knuckles to work on the fleshier parts of your body, such as your thighs.

Sacrum Push – The massage therapist places one hand on the small of your back, just above your sacrum, and another on top. Then, using their two hands as a balance, the therapist will slowly lean towards you, shifting their weight from their feet to their hands.

Fingers Press Together – Similar to the sacrum push, this technique involves the therapist placing two hands on each other, fingers interlaced, and then onto the client’s body. This technique is mostly used on the upper body.

Thumb Rolls – This is where the therapist will use pressure from both of their thumbs and move them in opposing circular motions. This can be a more direct form of pressure that can get deep into muscles, such as the calf.

Final Thoughts

Deep tissue massages are a good idea for almost everyone. They will help to release tension from your muscles and allow them to perform at their highest level. As we’ve seen, there is a wide range of other benefits too.

While anyone can get a deep tissue massage, they are particularly good for athletes, those with injuries, people with chronic conditions, and anyone struggling with mobility. If that sounds like you, then all that’s left to do is book a massage appointment right away.



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