Can Sports Massage Help Tennis Elbow?

Can Sports Massage Help Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow can be a deflating condition, especially as it’s often caused by doing things you love. While getting its name from the sport of tennis, it can be caused by other racquet/bat sports, playing bow instruments, using hand tools, typing, and more. 

Due to this, you’ll desperately want it to heal as soon as possible. So one question you may ask is, can sports massage help tennis elbow? Thankfully it can! We’ll take a closer look at exactly how it can help and other treatment options available. 

Let’s start by seeing exactly what tennis elbow is. 

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis to give it the proper name, is a condition that causes pain and inflammation in the tendons and muscles surrounding the elbow joint.

This form of tendonitis commonly occurs when the arm and forearm muscles are overused through repetitive motions such as playing sports or using hand tools. The strain on these muscles can cause tiny tears in tissue which leads to chronic pain around the elbow joint.

Diagnosis of tennis elbow is typically made by a physical examination to test for tenderness, swelling, or intersection of pain. Although rest can be beneficial in cases of tennis elbow, many people seek additional treatment such as physiotherapy, medications, or injections.

With proper self-care measures and medical treatment, most cases of tennis elbow resolve completely.

Causes and Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is caused by overuse of the muscles around the outside of the elbow. The overuse can be due to excessive racquet gripping or playing too many shots, with repetitive movements breaking down the normal motion patterns and leading to small tears in the affected area.

For non-tennis related injuries, the causes will be for similar reasons. It will be due to the repetitive twisting of the wrist and bending of the elbow. Symptoms of tennis elbow typically include outer elbow pain and tenderness, along with a weakness when attempting to grip items.

Pain that radiates through the forearm when lifting or bending items can also occur. It is important for those who believe they may be suffering from tennis elbow to consult a doctor as soon as possible, as early diagnosis will result in more effective treatment methods available.

Can Sports Massage Help Tennis Elbow?

Sports massage has long been known to alleviate musculoskeletal pain and discomfort, and tennis elbow is no exception. In addition, sports massage can help reduce the swelling associated with this condition, and many who suffer from it start feeling relief following a single treatment.

Deep tissue massage techniques are particularly useful for targeting specific areas of tension and soreness, enabling the body to heal itself naturally. This can be complemented with stretching or muscle strength exercises that target the elbow area and support the rehabilitation process.

Contacting a sports massage therapist specializing in tennis elbow can bring long-term relief from the pain associated with this condition.

How Can You Help to Heal Tennis Elbow at Home?

Though it can usually be relieved with rest, massage and physiotherapy, several self-help treatments are available that can help reduce pain and discomfort.

These treatments include using ice packs, taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen, and participating in strengthening exercises designed to strengthen the muscles around the elbow.

Additionally, an elbow brace during activities may support and reduce stress on the affected joint. All these steps together could help decrease pain for tennis elbow patients.

Other Treatment Options for Tennis Elbow

Fortunately, many treatments are available to help with this painful condition. However, rest is essential for proper recovery and reducing strain on the affected area.

Doctors may also prescribe corticosteroid shots to reduce pain and swelling if traditional remedies are insufficient. If those methods fail, bracing may be needed, or in more severe cases, surgery may be required.

In addition to these medical treatments, physiotherapy can be beneficial in helping increase the strength and flexibility of the affected joint and preventing stiffness of the surrounding muscles that can contribute to further discomfort.

Taking advantage of these treatment options can help tennis elbow sufferers quickly return to their active lifestyles again.

Tennis Elbow Recovery Time

Though there is no set timeline for recovery from tennis elbow injuries, with proper treatment and time spent resting, it is possible to regain full strength and motion within several weeks or months.

Generally speaking, less severe cases can take a few weeks of rest and physical therapy to go away completely, while those that are more pronounced may require up to six months or longer to recover.

It is important for individuals with tennis elbow to see their doctor about their injury so that they can determine the best course of action for healing as quickly as possible.

Your doctor will often refer you to a physiotherapist, and you may be placed on a waiting list for this. In the meantime, you can book a sports massage and start getting treatment immediately. 

Other Reasons for Sports Massage

There are many other reasons to get a sports massage besides dealing with elbow pain. Through sports massage, those with an active lifestyle can experience many incredible benefits to their overall well-being.

Not only does it help improve range of motion and flexibility, but it also helps reduce pain and soreness in muscles caused by intense exercise.

Additionally, sports massage helps to provide faster recovery after physical activity, ensuring athletes can reach peak performance levels quicker.

Moreover, this type of massage facilitates the removal of metabolic waste products such as lactic acid, which builds up in the muscles over time during extended periods of exercise, leading to increased circulation and decreased post-exercise muscle fatigue.

Overall, receiving a sports massage is an excellent way for athletes to optimize their physical form and psychological performance so they can reach their goals. So even if you fully recover from your tennis elbow, continuing your sports massage sessions is a good idea. 

Final Thoughts

For those with tennis elbow, it’s important to follow your doctor’s or physiotherapist’s advice to ensure the quickest possible recovery time. A part of your speedy recovery should be getting a sports massage. Not only will it help your tennis elbow, but you’ll also enjoy all the other benefits they provide. 



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