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We often think of treatment sessions as something we must endure after sustaining an injury or surgery. This is not the case.

Preventative maintenance treatments have been shown to decrease your chance of injuries, boost your performance, keep you strong and mobile, and have you feeling fantastic all year round.

With research supporting maintenance and preventative physiotherapy as an accepted treatment form – we can utilise these science-backed treatments to optimise your lifestyle, training and more.

At One Body LDN, we serve both the office-based and athletic populations in rehabilitative AND preventative roles.

We are here to change the game in healthcare.

We want people to be proactive with their health – enjoying optimal health and getting the most out of their body long-term. Not reactive to pain, injuries and aches.



Our therapists can identify your risk factors for injury and give you a bespoke education and exercise-based program to address them.

This, combined with regular deep tissue treatments, can decrease your risk for injury and elevate your performance.


Working long hours in the office can really take its toll on the body. Or maybe you have a rigorous workout routine?

Maintenance soft tissue massages and bespoke exercises that focus on strength, mobility, and alignment can help the body maintain optimal posture, resist injury and recover faster.


Our dedicated team will recommend bespoke exercises to rebuild your strength. Realign your body and improve spinal health for the long term.

Can A Physio Fix Back Pain?


At One Body – we encourage self-care, education and homework exercises.

However – many don’t have the time nor the want for stretching, mobility or other types of exercise. This is where we come in; we’ll do the work for you. Your therapist in your maintenance treatments will keep you loose, stretched out and ache free.

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To provide the best care possible, at One Body, we take a holistic approach that incorporates your entire body. 

Your joints and muscles are connected – you deserve the connected treatment plan to match.

Our Three-Step Process


Whole Body Assessment

Our experts will start by discussing your issues and assessing your whole overall posture and body movement. This will help us create a custom treatment and maintenance plan tailored to you.


Hands-On Treatment

Using the information gleaned from stage 1, we’ll release and lengthen any tight and restricted areas through specialised hands-on treatment. We’ll also help you relieve any chronic or acute pains you may be having.


Long-Term Solutions

We’ll then get to work on the next stage of your physical maintenance journey – long-term restoration and rejuvenation through hands-on therapy and corrective exercises.

Our Work in Action

Ready to take your physical health up a level?

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Aimee Adams
Aimee Adams
August 6, 2022.
I’ve been 5 or 6 times now to One Body LDN and have seen initially Kurt and Rebecca for a rotator cuff injury that had me literally screaming in pain (they were so calm about it bless them) ans was fixed up so quickly(magic hands!) and then Brittany for acupuncture and physio for a bad knee dislocation. She was amazing and sent all the instructions via email after teaching me what to do to strengthen the knee and be able to walk again. The acupuncture really helped as well. She knew her stuff. They’re all so good at this place and I would recommend it highly. Very friendly, really knowledgable and the premises are really nice. I’ve not tried the massage yet but if I ever have any issue at all body wise, this is my place.A*
elizabeth wallace
elizabeth wallace
August 5, 2022.
Excellent sports massage with Ryan - very helpful with exercises to do to stretch properly. Have booked a session again already
Joe White
Joe White
August 3, 2022.
I have been to a lot of different physios around London and this is the best by far! All of the physios there are brilliant, prices are extremely fair and reasonable for the level of service received. Kurt really knows his stuff, I’ve had repeat shoulder strain for years which he diagnosed and gave exercises for in one session. Couldn’t recommend the place more
Amir Rabani
Amir Rabani
August 1, 2022.
Jake is a great senior physiotherapist. He is very skilled and polite and never rushes in his work. I have been going to One Body LDN for physiotherapy sessions in the past few months for my Plantar Fasciitis; Jake has been working with me to fix this painful foot injury; he is very knowledgeable about human anatomy and injuries; he is skilled in many different techniques for pain relief and recovery including acupuncture, specialist exercises and stretches. I am in much less pain since I started the physiotherapy sessions with Jake and I am improving every week. Jake could also refer me to a right specialist consultant when it was needed. I totally recommend Jake and One Body LDN.
Shaun Yendall
Shaun Yendall
July 29, 2022.
5 star service deserves a 5 star review. Aiesha is phenomenal at her craft the whole team is tbh. these are not people that have done a course and went into the industry they have been high level athletes and some stage and have tremendous knowledge and experience in this field. I am muay thai fighter and these guys help with everything from knocks and strains to flexibility and power. Keep up the 5 star work guys . Big shout to Big Kurt and Aiesha
david reddaway
david reddaway
July 28, 2022.
I recently had a series of physio sessions with Alesia at One Body LDN, to help with a very painful trapped nerve in my back . She was highly professional as well as very pleasant, starting with a careful discussion and analysis of the problem and then developing a series of exercises to tackle it. The problem has gone. 100% satisfied and very grateful.
Nick Kershaw
Nick Kershaw
July 28, 2022.
Came to One body LDN for a repeat injury with my rotator cuff. Alesia has me focusing on long term stability whilst tremendously improving my range. Very friendly staff, highly recommended.
Holly Gilbertson
Holly Gilbertson
July 26, 2022.
Great experience -- fab staff and very cool studio. Brittany has been amazing for post-football match recovery massages and helping rehab an ACL injury. Would 100% recommend!
Move With Monty
Move With Monty
July 16, 2022.
Ryan was excellent. He used the pressure that I liked and asked for. He was welcoming and was thorough in his treatment. Definitely recommend.
Taylor Bond
Taylor Bond
July 13, 2022.
Great facility, on the spot rehab, will be back , cheers guys


Join 5,000+ Others, Get Access to our FREE Bundle of Resources and Feel the Best You’ve Ever Felt!

Simply enter your email address below.


Join 5,000+ Others, Get Access to our FREE Bundle of Resources and Feel the Best You’ve Ever Felt!

Enter your email address below, and we will instantly send your free PDFs to your inbox.

“Thanks for those amazing guides, guys! Game changer!” ️ Tom, City of London”