How Long Does It Take To Get Good Posture Naturally?

How Long Does It Take To Get Good Posture Naturally

Bad body posture is like a habit. If left unchecked, it will later cause neck and back pain problems for you. Like all bad habits, though, they can be changed with time and effort. Do you want to know how long it will take to develop a good posture? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Posture?


Posture is how you position your body while you sit, stand, walk, sleep, etc. The position of your head, shoulder, back, and hips collectively make up your posture. A good posture places the least amount of stress on your body.

Common Posture-Related Problems


Being comfortable with your posture doit’sot mean it is good. Most peyou’rere unaware of their poor posture until it’s pointed out. Here are some common poor posture problems that you might have.

Forward Head – Forward head (also called nerd’s neck) is when the head is extended ahead of the shoulders. It onerd’scommonly in people who spend extended periods at a desk or in from of computer screens.

Hunching Back – Another typical posture issue is a hunched back. A hunched back is when your shoulders are rounded forward with your back sticking out. It is common among older adults and leads to many back problems later in life.

Swayback – Swayback is also known as lordosis. You have a swayback if your upper body is leaning backwards from your lower body as you stand or walk.

Is Bad Posture Permanent?


No, bad posture is not permanent; you can improve your posture by being mindful of it throughout the day. You can add physiotherapy and posture exercises like wall angels to fix your bad posture. Still, bad posture caused by medical conditions might require corrective surgery to repair.

How Can Posture Affect Health?


Though it may not seem like a big problem, the wrong posture can lead to shoulder and another related joint misalignment. It leads to neck pain, stiff shoulders, shoulder and back pain, etc. It can also lead to joint damage.

Poor posture can also disturb the alignment of the musculoskeletal system. Over time, bad posture can develop into more complicated neck and back conditions that could require surgery to fix. A lousy posture also puts more significant physical stress on some muscles, damaging them.  

Does Posture Correct Itself?


It will not be correct if you have neglected your posture for a long time. To improve your posture, you will have to work on it by exercising and stretching. You might initially feel some pain, but your body will get used to it.

You can avoid lousy posture by maintaining a healthy weight, staying active, and using comfortable shoes.  

How Long Does It Take To Fix Posture?


The time it takes to fix the posture varies from person to person. It all comes down to how consistent you are in correcting your posture. If you properly mind your posture, you can fix it within a few weeks. The most important thing is sticking to an exercise routine and maintaining it.

Neglecting your posture during the process will increase the time needed to fix the problem. Remember, bad posture is a habit; changing a pattern takes 3-8 weeks.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid of a Hunchback?

If the hunchback is treatable with physiotherapy, it can take you two months or more to get rid of a hunchback. A good exercise routine and a healthy diet can help you recover faster. Yoga and losing weight also have positive effects on reversing hunchback.

You must undergo corrective surgery if the hunchback is too severe to be treated with physiotherapy. Still, most cases of hunchback can be reversed with exercise and physiotherapy.

How Long Does It Take To Fix Rounded Shoulders?

Rounded shoulders are joint among people who spend long hours at a desk or in front of a computer screen. You can realign your rounded shoulders into the correct posture instantly, but it will take some time to develop a habit. Similar to other posture problems, developing good posture habits can take 3-8 weeks.

Do Posture Correctors Work?


Posture correctors enforce posture correction by locking your shoulders, neck, and back in position. Unfortunately, locking your joints in place will have the opposite effect. The spine is a flexible structure; holding it in any part for too long will cause stiffness and pain.

Instead of posture correctors, it is recommended to try the following exercise to strengthen your body muscles that naturally help with posture correction.

  • Shoulder Blades Squeeze
  • Cat Cow Pose
  • Wall Slide
  • Child Pose
  • Plank
  • Bridge Pose
  • Downward Dog
  • Superman

How to Permanently Fix Posture


Fixing your posture permanently can take some time, but you can reverse the damage after a few weeks of consistent effort. Here are some things that can help you fix your posture permanently.

  • Regularly consult a physiotherapist.
  • Maintain a good exercise routine
  • Keep your head in a straight position
  • Mind the position of your neck and shoulders when you’re standing
  • Avoid standing with your body weight on one leg for loyou’reiods
  • Try to keep your shoulders backwards
  • Sleep on a firm mattress
  • Avoid using high or more than one pillow
  • Try to sleep on your back or one side of your body
  • Stretch before you sleep


Is it too late to fix posture?

For most people, it is never too late to fix their postures. As long as you’re capable of doing mild yoga and light exercise, you can resolve youryou’rere with some physiotherapy.

What is the fastest way to improve posture?

The fastest way to improve posture is to perform posture correction exercises and maintain a healthy diet. A follow-up with your physiotherapist will help improve your posture quicker. You can also visit a chiropractor to loosen your stiff shoulders.

How to have good posture when sitting?

To have a good posture when sitting, you should:

  • Adjust your PC so that it is at eye level when you use it
  • Avoid hunching over
  • Avoid crossing your legs
  • Change your sitting position often and stretch after an hour during prolonged sitting sessions.
  • Stretch your neck side to side now and then to reduce stress build-up


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