Will I Be In Pain During And/Or After My Physiotherapy Treatments?

Can Physiotherapy Help a Trapped Nerve

 So yes and no. Alright, so. We always aim to make your treatment as comfortable for you as possible. And of course at any point youre in, in any displeasure or any should always let us know. All of our therapist could accommodate that. Ok, but I say yes, no. I mean by that is that we do use treatment techniques here to promotes, promotes regards to our hands on.

We do like to treat deeply. We do like to really begin to the muscle, get into those tight knots, into those tight spots in those areas, and really work into them. And I call it good pain. I feel like it’s good pain. It’s a, it’s a pleasurable pain. It’s a, it’s a relief. Okay. But it still, it’s still, it can be painful.

Of course, you should let your therapist know. We’ve always accommodate the pressure, but we do give deep treatments here. Something that we take a lot of pride in. Yeah, having a weak massage is, is, is just terrible. It’s something I personally don’t like, so we try to eradicate that. My practices here. The other thing as well is, uh, we do well for acupuncture here of our train, acupuncture, acupuncture anticipation.

That’s and. Invasiveness When the needles actually in inside it, actually treatment itself isn’t painful. You may feel a slight trick cause the needle goes in sometimes, and when the, when the needle’s in the muscle, you may feel achy. It’s more the anticipation, the unknown,

and explain the process fully. Make sure you’re comfortable with. The other thing addressing are exercises. So sometimes when people come to us, say, sometimes, I mean people do come to us in pain, may demonstrate and try to, um, get some exercises. Add to daily resume. Now if when you, you may experience, we’ll adjust that.

Adjust that, adjust you. To make it work for you, okay. To make it be exercise that does give you those benefits, that doesn’t worsen the condition that, that, that keeps you safe. So you can do it outside of our session and we’ll have video checkins complimentary help accommodate. So that’s, After the session, it, it is common to experience a post-treatment tenderness that you may experience after having a big, big treatment as ways of, uh, trying to, trying to calm down.

You can drink some water experience process thing as you experience some post workout muscle sort. Particularly what you in the gym doing some rehab and working with some areas that, uh, working those muscles that had, alright, so that, that could also be the case as well. So overall, uh, an experience that should be pushing the good types of pain, the pain where you are recover from.

Exercise the pain where you know someone’s working, got their elbow into a deep need. Get into that type pain.



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