Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pain from Sneezing

lower back pain sneezing
Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pain Sneezing: The Power of Physiotherapy in London


Do you get lower back pain after you sneeze? Numerous underlying problems may contribute to this widespread issue and if you’re in London, physiotherapy can be the solution you’re looking for. One Body LDN, a top back pain facility close to you, provides a variety of effective treatments to aid in your recovery.

Have you ever sneezed followed by a sudden ache in your lower back? This is a widespread issue that many people experience, especially as they age. The quick and severe contraction of the lower back muscles after a sneeze is a common source of the pain. Discomfort, suffering, and even injury may result from this.

Lower back pain sneezing can be brought on by a number of underlying disorders, including:

Herniated discs: A herniated disc happens when the disc’s supple interior protrudes and presses against the nerves in the lower back. Sneezing can aggravate the disc’s injury and make it hurt.

Sciatica: The sciatic nerve, which travels from the lower back down the leg, is afflicted by this ailment. Compression of the nerve may result in pain and discomfort, particularly sneezing related suffering.

Spinal stenosis is a disorder where the spinal canal becomes constricted, exerting pressure on the lower back’s nerves. Sneezing can make spinal stenosis symptoms worse and cause pain. Weak muscles: Lower back weakness might make it more difficult to maintain stability and good posture during a sneeze, which can cause pain and discomfort.

The best option to get relief from lower back pain sneezing if you have lower back discomfort to seek a professional’s assistance. Our skilled physiotherapists at One Body LDN can assist you in identifying the source of your pain and developing a personalised treatment plan to help you get relief.

Our physical therapy services could include:

Exercises for stretching and strengthening: We will show you particular moves to stretch and build the muscles in your lower back, easing pain and preventing further damage.

Manual therapy: To help relieve discomfort and increase mobility in your lower back, our physiotherapists will apply hands-on treatments.

Pain management: Using heat or cold therapy, medicine, or other pain management methods, we will work with you to control your pain.

Changes in lifestyle: To lessen the strain on your lower back, we may suggest that you make some adjustments to your everyday routines and habits, such as correcting your posture, sleeping on a supportive mattress, or losing weight.

At One Body LDN, we think that a mix of efficient treatments and patient education is the key to effectively treating lower back pain from sneezing. To get you pain free, we will work with you to identify the underlying source of your discomfort and create a specific plan.

Sneezing-related lower back pain shouldn’t rule your life. Make an appointment with one of our skilled London physiotherapists now to begin your path to pain-free living.



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