How To Stop Knee Valgus When Squatting – 5 Part Video Series

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How To Fix Knee Collapse When Squatting – Part 1


 Where Rebecca’s knees are collapsing inwards, going down and going up. Okay, do your knee collapsing? Squatting? Did you have knee valgus? Many people do. Now this can be a contributor to knee pain. Alright, so we’re gonna do in this little series, and they show you how to prevent up and happening, teach you why it happens, how to fix it.

Now, if you can see around Murray, you can see where Rebecca’s knees are collapsing inwards, going down and going up. Okay? A common movement for, let’s just assume that you’ve got great mobility in your ankles. Great hip strength, right? It could just be a movement fall or a form fall, and a nice way to clear it up is to take the tempo of your squat and create it.

Okay? So go three seconds down. And then three seconds up. Okay? Now, the reason you’re doing this that you can really look in the mirror. If you’ve got it, you can really take your time to squat. Don’t rush through it. Go the right depth, go to the right speed. Keep an eye on your knees. Get a feel for them not coming in.

It’s such an easy way to address this. Too many people look for different fixes. Sometimes you just gotta look at your mirror and get your form right and take it slow. All right, I follow for part two. I’m gonna show you another key cause of this and how to fix it. Thank you.

How To Fix Knee Collapse When Squatting – Part 2


 They can. They can. Oh no they can’t. And now the knee collapses in. Right. It’s part two of fixing knee collapsing and squat in address. Your ankle of knee. Most people have stiff ankles. Right. That’s used to the footwear that we’re in day to day. And that’s due to also the jobs. Right. A lot of us work sedentary jobs.

Well, we’re not really moving our feet for the four range of motion they get stiff. Another thing for you, ladies in particular, high heels, really shortens the cards, alright? And really limits that ankle ability. If I’m squatting, let’s say, right? You want your knees to be able to go over your toes effectively, right?

If that can’t happen, here’s what the body does to compensate. Knees are trying to go over. They can. They can. Oh no they can’t. And now the knee collapses in, right? So it’s a mechanical thought of the ankle that’s affecting the knee. The knee’s a victim joint. Always remember that. Knee’s a victim of what’s happening below and above it.

Let’s screen for this ankle mobility. Okay? Here’s the common test that we do, right? So have your heels on the floor, please. Now try it and drive your knee to the wall here. Rebecca’s got toes and knee there. Right now you can touch the wall back. Boom. Back. And try and touch it. Now, ideally, what you want here is you want five inches in that space there, right?

If you can get five inches, you’ve got good ability. If you can’t, then you really need to address it. Okay? Now follow For the next video, I’m gonna teach you how to address and fix that.

How To Fix Knee Collapse When Squatting – Part 3


 This isn’t a beginner’s thing or anything like that. People that live for 20 years do that, all right? Prevent knee laps when squatting part three, right? So you wanna address these ankles. So if you got an ankle mobility limitation restriction, right? You wanna ease that off. So now what Rebecca’s doing here is just stretching top of her calf here.

If they’re tired, I can really limit that income ability, at least your heels lifting up when you’re trying to squat, knee caps and all this other sort of stuff as well. Right Now, what Rebecca’s gonna do if I write that here is drive that knee to the wall. But this time we’re really targeting this part here, the solar muscle.

Okay? Really mobilizes areas pre and post squatting. It’s really important to do it prior to squatting as well. Cause once you’ve got that range of motion, whether you’ve had those stretches for a minute, two minutes, you can then load it, right? And now load. That range of motion, that new range of motion for squat and with weight really helps you to facilitate and actually considerate those gains.

Okay? Another thing as well to really help prevent kneecaps shoot your ankle stiffness is just to put a couple of plates under your heel. Okay? So,

What Rebecca’s done here effectively by having some weights under her heel there, it’s artificially increased her ankle mobility. All right? This way can squat down comfortably, allowing those knee to go over the toes without them collapsing in, right? So add it in.

How To Fix Knee Collapse When Squatting – Part 4


 Now glutes, remember if I said to you in one of the last videos, which you should have watched, right? The knees are a victim joint. They are victim of what’s going on in the hips and the ankles, right? So you want strong and mobile, hips and ankles. Otherwise the knees will always suffer and it goes for squatting, running, or any other sport, right?

So group medias here that’s responsible for what’s called hip abduction. The act of drawing your leg out, keeping your knees out, and squatting, keeping your knees out when going down, or. What you see of knee claps, the lack of glu knee strength, which is leading to them pushing up the knees, collapsing in as a result of these bad boys here.

Not being strong enough or not far inappropriately. Okay? So you really wanna strengthen them. Okay? There’s some leg lifts. All right? Now, nice thing to do with this. Make sure that here the leg is back, right? If it’s in front, you’re gonna be using that muscle there too much in tfl, right? So make sure it’s back here, pointing those to.

Up towards the ceiling in this, you’ve externally rotated your hip. Right now, Rebecca’s gonna lift her leg up, really squeeze at the top. He’ll be feeling this muscle here working and then down. There’s various ways of loading it. You can get friends, push down it. You can use a band, you can use many things.

But get those reps in particularly post session. Lots of lovely reps, free four sets of 10, but get ’em in, make sure they burn, and make sure that you get stronger in this. Follow. For the next video, I’m gonna show you a really, really, really lost and overlooked reason why these clap. Okay? You’ll love me for it.


How To Fix Knee Collapse When Squatting – Part 5



 Your knees collapse when squatting. Right. Tightness in your groin. Now it’s quite obvious, but this one always goes overlooked, right? A lot of people would agree, and a lot of people have tightness in your right. There’s tightness in their groin. It’s an area you don’t really stretch. It’s an area that weakens quite a bit.

Okay? That’s very, very much linked as well to these muscles here, which you should have watched in the last video. If they’re weak, then that also contributes to knee lap, right? But the synergistically linked tightness, Can actually cause or contribute to weakness here and vice versa, right? So you don’t just wanna strengthen this area.

You also wanna mobilize this area here, okay? So, Becca, a frog stretch, please. I bet you can picture it now as you’re squatting, you’ve got tightness in your groin, pulling your knees in. There’s a big contributor, okay? It’s not something to get overlooked, right? So Becky’s showing here a frog stretch, a nice opener Okay.

To do prior to squatting. Right? Nice way to really, really get those hips, those adductors mobilized, right? You should be noticing a difference. Test this. Go in squat, retest. See if it makes a difference. Alright.



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