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How To Fix Back Pain When Squatting – Part 1



 So have lower back pain when you’re squatting. If so, it’s more than likely something that you are doing and not anything wrong with squat. We’re gonna go through it in this series. How to prevent That. Now first things, first form form’s really important. Everyone knows that, but a bar position is one of the most important things, and most people get this wrong.

It’s something I see all the time. It’s an easy fix as well. There’s two types of squats, a high bar and a low bar squat. Okay? Now way you position your bar really dictates the bar path. It dictates how much you overload your back. Okay, so up for me please. And step back. Just watch the uh, the hazard there.

A high bar squat. Cause bars on a high, on Rebecca’s traps, right? There’s a low bar technique and a high bar technique. Now, Rebecca, can you squat down using a low bar technique? Now, a low bar technique of squatting is where you really push your glut out and lean forward. Now can you see how that bar path there instead of being a nice straight line, Rebecca, do that again please.

Rebecca’s leaning really far forward, so this weight now is really, really overloading her back. So simply by in the bar slightly. And adhering to a lower bar technique, the bar isn’t gonna be out path as much. Okay? I hope that’s making sense. If it doesn’t, it’s asking the comments below. All right. A high bar position.

Get your chest upright. Have a lower bar position. Keep that chest, excuse me, that bar lower. Okay? It makes all the difference in the world. All right, follow for the next one and I’m gonna show you exactly how to brief properly, cause a lot of people do that wrong as well. Thank you.

How To Fix Back Pain When Squatting – Part 2



 Take a deep breath as you’re going down. Now, Rebecca’s gonna drown, right? That’s what most people are doing wrong. So here’s how your breathing is messing up your back pain and giving you back pain when you’re squatting. Okay? Now, if I was to ask most people to take a deep breath, this is what would happen.

All up here. All into the chest, not into the stomach. Now when you squat, right, you wanna really, really build up that intraabdominal pressure, okay? That means breathing into the stomach. All right? Now the cue is this. I’m gonna have my hands here just for a bit of guidance, right? So, Rebecca, try and breathe into your stomach.

Please take a deep breath. And hold it and squeeze your abs right now. Rebecca’s gonna keep her abs tense. Keep that air in. You can relax, you can breathe out right now. The idea is that you breathe all the air into your stomach and tense your abs. If you wanna take a punch to the stomach and you wanna hold that breath, right?

Good analogy to use. Imagine you’re standing in the sea of water and your head is just above the sea line, right? Okay, so now Rebecca is in the sea, right? So before going under water, Rebecca, let’s take a nice deep breath, right? Take a deep breathing. Into your stomach, squeeze the abs descend underwater.

Right down, down, down, and then up. Now here’s the kicker, right? Take a deep breath as you’re going down. Now Rebecca’s gonna drown, right? That’s what most people are doing wrong. One. You can rack it, right? One, you’re not breathing. Embracing before you descend. You’re not keeping all that pressure in your stomach before descending down.

And two, what a lot of you’re doing is trying to breathe in as you’re going down, so you’re not even forming that pressure appropriately in the first place. All right, so learn to breathe properly. If you’re squatting, break up your squats. If you’re doing a set of five, you’re not doing five reps, you’re doing five single reps.

Breathe in, squeeze the abs, then descend, come up, reset, go again. It makes all the difference. All right, follow for part three, I’m gonna show you which muscles to strengthen, which muscles to lengthen to start that pain going back. Thank you.

How To Fix Back Pain When Squatting – Part 3



 It’s part three of why you get low back pain when you’re squatting, right? But wink, it does contribute to back pain. Your spine flexing under load does cause damage and it can contribute to back pain. Don’t let other people tell you otherwise. There’s always nonsense going around from these people that probably never lifted away in their life telling you otherwise.

Alright. Forget it. Your spine should not be moving and flexing too much under load. That’s the truth of it. Okay? Now, as Rebecca does a deep squat, right, or as many people do a deep squat, there’s a tendency for the pelvis to rotate slightly the bottom, okay? And that leads to this spine here. Moving and flexing under load right now, what causes that thing is lack of ankle mobility.

Okay? Cause if your knees can’t go past your toes, when you squat deep, then your body has to get down in some way. And the way it compensates is for your pelvis around your backs, around of you to get down somewhere. All right? So a nice way to clean that up really, really quickly is to elevate your heel, right?

And a lot of you might be using lifters, might be working on ankle mobility, all these things, which is good. And we can cover that in the future episodes. But as a nice temporary fix, adjusting your squat position, having your heels elevated slightly can lead to a less butt wink at the bottom, or no butt wink.

And you’ve been able to have a more of a neutral spine position. Okay, now follow for part four, I’m gonna show you what muscles to strengthen. Okay? And.

How To Fix Back Pain When Squatting – Part 4




 Now something that goes unnoticed with regards to lower back pain and squatting. Everyone goes around the clock and say, ability, glu strength, core strength, all that sort of stuff. Not enough people strengthen lower back itself, which really, really, really can contribute to you not getting in this pain.

Right? Good way to do it, particularly in regards to squats, particularly if a bar on your back’s an exercise called Good Morning, but you want both. Your feet inside Hip whip for toes point is straight ahead. Okay. Becca, tighten your back up here. Okay, now push your BU back, lean forward, head nice and neutral, looking down the floor for me slightly, and then drive up.

So really squeeze your bump at the top. Okay? You’re gonna be feeling it in your back. Just don’t wanna be feeling any pain. Aim for more reps on this. The three sets of eight to 10. Keep the weight nice and light. You ain’t gotta go crazy on this. The bar won’t be enough for a lot of people. Okay? Build on that resilience, build on that endurance, build that strength in the lower back and it’ll really help you in the future.

Alright? Follow for more. We’re gonna go through everything, every lift, and have to prevent all the pains. Thank.



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