How To Stop Getting Back Pain When Deadlifting – 4 Part Video Series

How Long Does It Take To Correct Posture

How To Fix Back Pain When Deadlifting – Part 1




 If you get back pain when you’re deadlifting can guarantee you’re deadlift wrong. Everyone blames a deadlift. This exercise, the deadlifts a great. For building that resilience in your back and helping to fix lower back pain. So in this series we discuss all the key areas that we see in the common areas and it might apply to you.

Alright? So a key thing that people do is they squat their deadlift, they use a squat pattern for deadlift, right? So have someone video your deadlift and look at yourself and see if it looks like anything that we’re gonna do here. Okay? So you can squat a deadlift and please your back out like you see Rebecca’s doing here, right?

She’s keeping her chest. Not really using her back. More using the squat pattern right now let’s go into a dead lift and a hit pinche pattern please. So just wait there please. So shin’s more vertical. Now what Becky’s gonna do is just go over this bar here. Shin’s a bit more vertical. Lovely. Now what you want, you want arms here diagonal.

You want a bar underneath the shoulder blades. It’s much more of a hip hinge right now. Rebecca from here can push that floor away, pull up mice and strong. She can be loading the key areas poster stereo. And not just squatting a deadlift. If you’re using that wrong pattern, can guarantee it’s gonna be contributing to your back pain.

Okay? Now follow part two. I’m gonna show you another key thing where everyone goes wrong. Alright? How to fix it. Two guys.

How To Fix Back Pain When Deadlifting – Part 2




 Here’s the truth of it. Most people, particularly if you’re new to the gym, shouldn’t be deadlifting from the floor. It’s actually quite an advanced exercise. You actually need quite a bit of mobility for it, particularly in the upper back and the hamstrings, right? No amount of form correction if you haven’t got a mobility can allow you to deadlift safely off the floor.

Something will give, right? I’ve got tiredness in my hamstrings and I can’t actually keep my back straight whilst I’m bending over. Nine amount of cues is gonna help that, right? If I’ve got stiffness and rigidity in my upper back, then how am I gonna keep a proper position, a neutral position through my back if I can’t effectively even get it into a good position?

It’s not gonna happen right over time. It can happen over a few months, but initially it won’t happen. So what you should do is to start is rat right now. Rat is a fantastic altern. Now here Rebecca can keep a neutral position. She can effectively load her glutes, load her hamstrings, load her back. And if you’ve got any concerns about how, oh, it’s easiest cutting a range of motion short, don’t worry about that.

Just load the bar up more, put more weight on the bar. You’ll have a really, really good and a really tough session, or at least you should do. And over time, you can gradually lower that rack. Get lower, lower, lower as you work on your mobility. Okay.

How To Fix Back Pain When Deadlifting – Part 3


 Three of why you’re getting low back pain when deadlift chances are, is that you’re not breathing, embracing properly, or that maybe they’re trying to see you not. Okay? So we’re gonna run through it now. Becca’s deadlift right now from the bottom. What Be’s gonna do is she’ll be gripping that bar hard and you’re gonna breathe into your stomach, right?

Squeeze your abs. And then push the floor away, pull up simultaneously and then down to the floor into your stomach. Squeeze the abs as if someone’s gonna punch her. And up key with this is keeping that pressure in and having it there prior to starting the lift. If you’re not keeping that pressure in your stomach or having it there, then there is a risk factor for getting back pain cause the car’s not stable.


How To Fix Back Pain When Deadlifting – Part 4



 Four of had to not get back pain when deadlift. All right. Do the touch and go dead. Lift properly, not how you commonly see them. Now, touch and go. Deadish. Can you show me a couple of ones doing them wrong, please? All right. Be careful. So up, come up. Bit more of a bounce, Rebecca, relax there. Perfect. So this whole thing of touch and go really equals a bit of a bounce, right?

Which actually really is not good for your live back. The two proper ways to do dead lifting, right, one is to build strength. So you do actual a dead lift off the floor. So back nice and tight, and then up and then down, and you reset the rep down. And then you go again, rip off the floor. That’s gonna build power, that’s gonna build that static or that start and strength.

Right now touching goes where you wanna build muscle is where you wanna keep that tension on your body the whole time, right? So you’re literally just taping the floor and then coming up so your muscle’s actually not coming off load. It’s tense and it’s rigid the whole time. Right before a lovely burn, you won’t about to lift as much weight, but you do a couple of those properly.

And what you’ll notice is that what Rebecca’s not doing this, she’s not bouncing it down to the floor. It’s a controlled down lower touch and go literally okay and up and rest there please. So avoid the bounce. Alright? It’s not good for you.



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