How To Stop Ankle Sprains – 2 Part Video Series

walking downstairs knee pain

How To Stop Spraining Ankles – Part 1


 Keep rolling your ankles in life, you do do some strengthening and you’re wondering why you’re still rolling your ankles. Number one reason is there’s a lack of feed forward mechanisms, a lack of pro preception. Here’s what’s happened, okay? You’ve rolled your ankles before and you did some ligament damage, and ligaments were responsible for carrying up those signals from the floor all the way up to your brain.

That enhances or scores your feed forward mechanism. Now, Rebecca’s walking, walk in, walk in, walk in, and she trips up. You don’t need to demonstrate that you trip up, right? That’s feedback. She’s walking and then she’s tripped up. That’s feedback, right? Feed forward. Is that Rebecca’s walking and her feet are picking up all these lovely signals, all the undulating surfaces, and her brain knows.

Her brain knows what’s coming and what’s to come, and her feet and her body adapt, and she doesn’t roll her ankle again. All right? So the number one reason why people constantly roll their ankles, despite the strength that they’re doing, you’re not working the appropriate recept balance. Alright, so follow up for part two.

I’m gonna show you how to fix that.

How To Stop Spraining Ankles – Part 2


 Okay, so part two, how do you build that pro perception to stop rolling your ankles all the time? Number one, wear some good footwear. Don’t wear footwear where that absolutely compresses all of your feet up to a point where you’re not picking up your signals. Okay? Everything’s compressed. Number two, train unilaterally.

Okay, and down and up. So train single leg movements, rdl, single leg rls, or gear split squats. Number three, do some bandwidth training. Okay? Show the cop drill. So you can have a friend or a colleague partner call out some numbers that can go one o’clock, two o’clock, 12 o’clock, and you don’t have to reach those positions.

Okay? Work on that balance. Another real easy thing to do is all day to day, if you’re brushing your teeth, doing a bit washing up or anything, just stand on one leg. You know it’s really, really easy to get this going. You’ll feel that your feet are all trying to move. You might some burning cessation in your feet where they’re working a bit hard, okay?

Build up that up and you will stop rolling your ankles all the time.



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