How To Fix Shoulder Impingement – 4 Part Video Series

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How To Fix Shoulder Impingement – Part 1



 Okay. Pinching in your shoulder or pinchy pain when you lifting overhead or bench pressing or doing press ups or any other sort of movements. Okay. Shoulder and pinching is disgusting, horrible. I’m gonna show you a free test, self-assess if you’ve got it. Okay. Rebecca there hand and shoulder and Rebecca’s then gonna lift her elbow up if there’s pain in that shoulder there, that’s indicative of the other.

He’s gonna be, he’s gonna be a hand here, other hand on top. Drive down, there’s pain there. Shoulder infr. The last check, painful arc, both hands out the side was paint from 60 to 20 degrees. You may have show. Okay, follow over the next video. I show you how to fix it.

How To Fix Shoulder Impingement – Part 2



 So get rid of that shoulder by show the two most untrained muscles. It’s un unreal. How often people don’t train these? I’m gonna show them now. Okay. One of them pser anterior muscle that runs down the side. Here’s aca, the stabilizer, and you show by the this. Press please. Now gonna get in the press position.

Lock your hips, your bum knees, elbow. I’ve just moved your shoulder blade, chest down and push up. Really bringing in shoulder blades all the way around the front, which will feel a bit of tension around the front here. Okay, add these in, add them in the supersets, wherever you can. That’s gonna show your interior.

Hook up their shoulder pain. Next exercise here. This is for, um, those individuals that can’t reach, uh, chins. Okay. Just put your bar on rack nice and high up. Paint the bar please. Knees up. Now you are gonna do some scaffold pool. But reverses and gonna strengthen these large track muscles. They’re gonna help build relaxer, help build that scaffolding strength, help reset everything in the right position, help clear that sub shoulder.

Follow over. The next one. I’ll show you some.

How To Fix Shoulder Impingement – Part 3



 Okay, so look at stretches that you need to do to clear shoulder. Now, when you’ve got tightness in your pecs and in your laps here, what they do is they just draw that shoulder forward. In the joint mean that all those structures, they’re all close to each other. So when you’re moving, things are getting pinched and jammed up and damaged, essentially, you open that area up, especially you guys that sit in your office.

Okay, so first of all, stretch, just like corn wall please. So we basically have a elbow roughly, slightly higher or in line by should. Right leg forward and then just drive that body around forward. She will stretch nice down the tech here. Okay, you wanna open that whole area up. Next one, you wanna open up your laps, cause the laps, your back muscles there.

Bring your shoulders around. She needs to undo them. Open them up, please. Have those elbows and palms facing up. Really open up that area. Bump back down. Really fill that stretch through here. Add these in. Okay? A couple of minutes a day. It will take a whole open area up. Follow for the next video, I’m gonna show you the most unders stretched area.

Of your shoulder capture that you need to stretch. Okay.

How To Fix Shoulder Impingement – Part 4


 This area needs to be stretched to help clear that shoulder impingement. Okay, hold your posterior capsule, this part of your shoulder here. Now it gets really, really tight due to a couple of reasons. One, and we sit in this position, our shoulders adapt to it. And two, we’ve got weakened rotate cuff muscles, which I’m gonna show you how to strengthen the next video.

That Muscle Day of posterior has to overcom that to do a lot more work than we should do throughout the day. Therefore, this area gets tight, pushes your hums forward, and then when you then move, things are all jammed up. You feel that pinchy feeling. So let’s get this. Okay, so Rebecca against the wall please.

Hips nice and straight. Now what Rebecca’s gonna do here is lock this part in and just with your other hand please just slightly push down. You feel nice little bit of tightness and bit attention in the back of your shoulder. Have a play around. Add that in your day, you’ll be feeling fantastic. Alright, cheers.



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is physiotherapy like massage, Physiotherapy, Climbing Elbow

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