Does WPA Cover Physiotherapy 

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Having private medical insurance comes with plenty of benefits, but the terms of coverage can be confusing.

Here youll learn whether WPA covers physical therapy and in what terms. Youll also receive information about one of the most recommended WPAapproved physiotherapy providers

Physiotherapy for WPA Patients

At One Body, Physiotherapy sessions for WPA patients are performed by skilled professionals with several years of experience in their field. Each of our therapists providing services undergo a thorough evaluation before being approved. And their work is continuously monitored after that as well

If the patient is referred to a physiotherapist by WPA via their GP, they will undergo a thorough examination. If the patient contacts an inhouse consultant without a previous diagnosis, the consultant will schedule a session with a physiotherapist for evaluation

The physiotherapist will work out a complete treatment plan for the patient.

At One Body, physiotherapy sessions for WPA patients include treatment in and out of medical facilities and advice on managing their condition at home. They are also advised on how to prevent future injuries or illnesses

During their sessions, patients often learn exercises they can safely perform by themselves or with the help of a caregiver visiting them in their homes. Physiotherapy for WPA patients may also be combined with other therapeutic approaches, most of them can be claimed in either the essential or extra sessions.

WPA Therapy Coverage

With a wide selection of policies available to individuals, families and companies, WPA provides cover for a broad range of in-patient and out-patient therapy treatments on the majority of their plans (check your plan details for confirmation of what you have covered).

With most of their private medical and cash plans having an element of therapy cover, WPA provides easy access to benefits when referred by your GP, a specialist or even, in some cases, on a self-referral basis. If you have private medical cover, treatment will need to be pre-authorised by WPA. Once receiving your claim authorisation code, we can then send invoices to WPA directly to settle in line with the benefits you have available.  If you have a cash plan, all you need to do is pay for the treatment yourself, then claim the amount back from your WPA benefits.

Both private medical and cash plan claims can be set up with WPA’s Customer Support Team or via the WPA Health app.

The fully trained One Body therapists are registered with WPA health insurance and are waiting to start your physio and deep tissue massage treatments today.

Click here to book your treatment session today.

We look forward to seeing you.



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