Does Vitality Cover Physiotherapy?

Does Vitality Cover Physiotherapy

Vitality is one of the UK’s leading insurance companies. They offer car insurance, life insurance, and most importantly, health insurance. In 2019 alone, they helped their members save around £105 million as a part of their programmes.

Along with all the insurance services, they also give their members rewards for leading a healthy and positive lifestyle. Here we take a closer look at whether or not Vitality covers physiotherapy and how easy it is to find a provider. 

Does Vitality Cover Physiotherapy?

Vitality’s health insurance covers almost everything you need. Basic health plans cover all the general medical expenses you might expect from health insurance. However, Vitality offers add-on coverage plans that cover additional well-being services like physiotherapy, homoeopathy, osteopathy, and more.

Vitality’s health plan coverage gives you more incentive to seek physical well-being services such as physiotherapy. Regular physiotherapy sessions can drastically help improve your fitness and health. 

With some Vitality insurance plans, you get access to injury rehabilitation physiotherapy programmes (that can take multiple sessions) free of cost. The physiotherapy sessions can include advanced therapy techniques such as mobility impairment exercises, massages, acupuncture, and manipulative therapy.

The Vitality insurance plan covers sessions with accredited physiotherapists that can help you cope with your chronic aches and overcome movement disorders without worrying about the costs.

Physiotherapy for Vitality Physiotherapy Network Patients

Vitality Physiotherapy Network offers impressive perks for its members. Firstly, the network takes responsibility for all the treatment costs without affecting a member’s outpatient coverage limit. Secondly, Vitality will pay the therapist for you without involving you. This way, you don’t have to worry about filing for reimbursements after paying first. 

The best part about the Vitality physiotherapy network is that it allows you to self-refer. You don’t have to seek a referral from your GP to undergo physiotherapy. Physiotherapists affiliated with the Vitality Network will handle your case from start to finish without any extra work with the insurance provider.

Vitality Physio Cost

Usually, the cost of an assessment session with a physiotherapist in the UK is around £75, give or take. Only the first session will last up to an hour. Follow-up sessions are usually approximately half an hour long. The follow-up sessions will cost you around £50, depending on the physiotherapist and the institute.

These costs are only averages and do not represent the actual cost. Depending on your location and physiotherapist, you might have to pay more or less. Generally, the number of sessions required varies depending on your condition. Your therapists will suggest the exact number of sessions needed for your condition after your first session. 

Vitality Insurance for physiotherapy will cover all these expenses, as long as the physiotherapist you choose is affiliated with Vitality Network. The Vitality insurance plan will also cover a portion of the session’s costs for physiotherapists not affiliated with the Vitality network.

Still, this partial coverage is only valid for Vitality-recognised physiotherapists. Remember that the maximum coverage in such cases will be £35. The partial coverage will only be provided after you give a report with full details about your case from your chosen therapist.

Depending on your coverage plan and case severity, Vitality will judge whether cost-sharing is applicable or not.

Does Vitality Cover Chiropractic?

Yes, in addition to physiotherapy, homoeopathy, and acupuncture, your chiropractic charges will also be covered by Vitality insurance. Moreover, osteopathy and chiropody therapy charges are fully covered by Vitality.

Vitality also offers extra insurance plans for homoeopathy and podiatry treatments. However, keep in mind that Vitality’s basic health plan does not cover most of these services. Therefore, you will have to choose additional coverages, which might affect your monthly insurance cost.  

How to Book a Session with a Vitality Physiotherapy Partner

You can easily book appointments for physiotherapy sessions using Vitality’s online booking service. You can also book appointments over the phone. The important thing is to have your claim registered in time.

If you want to book a session with one of Vitality’s approved physiotherapists, the company will help you reach a therapist as soon as your claim is approved. Once approved, you can make a call to the therapist’s clinic and you will receive the appointment type and date. The appointment can be one of the following:

Virtual Rehab Sessions – If you have a minor impairment, you will be given an appointment for an online session with a qualified physiotherapist. You will receive proper consultation and diagnoses as per your condition and you can be upgraded to face-to-face appointments should it be deemed necessary.

Face-To-Face Appointments – Face-to-face appointments are more suited for complicated injuries that require direct interaction with the therapist. The therapist might suggest a treatment plan and follow-up sessions for better rehabilitation.

Follow-up Sessions – These sessions are mostly to determine the level of progress achieved by following the treatment plan. The follow-up sessions will end when your condition has sufficiently improved.

Are the One Body LDN Team Vitality Approved Physiotherapists?

Yes, One Body LDN’s team is recognised and approved by Vitality Insurance Company. All of their team members meet Vitality’s approval standards, including registration with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

As a Vitality-approved organisation, their team members are highly experienced with relevant accreditations from the authorities in the UK. Also, all other major health insurance providers in the UK also recognise One Body LDN.

The therapists at One Body LDN are also trained in acupuncture techniques for pain relief and the physical recovery of their patients. They also offer osteopathy services that are covered by Vitality. If you’re with Vitality and are looking for a trusted physiotherapist, then One Body LDN would be perfect for you. 

The fully trained One Body therapists are waiting to start your physio and deep tissue massage treatments today.

Click here to book your treatment session.

We look forward to seeing you.


Does Vitality cover occupational therapy?

Unfortunately, Vitality insurance currently only covers physiotherapy services. Occupational therapy helps a patient perform vital activities such as self-care routines however, Vitality’s policy does not consider occupational therapy as a valid claim.

Does Vitality cover osteopathy?

Yes, Vitality covers osteopathy treatment. Osteopathy treatment involves treating muscles and joint pain with massages and joint manipulation. One Body LDN is a recognised osteopathy service provider and you can take advantage of their services for free with Vitality health insurance.



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