Does BUPA Cover Physiotherapy

Does BUPA Cover Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a treatment course designed to improve flexibility, maximize movement range, and enhance strength and coordination.

Whether you receive physical therapy when recovering from an illness or injury, want to treat long-term disabilities and conditions or restore your body’s normal physical abilities, physiotherapy can be costly.

Private health insurance, such as the one provided by BUPA, can be the perfect option for funding your treatment. This article discusses when and in which form BUPA covers physiotherapy.

Why BUPA Health Insurance?

While opting for private health insurance, such as the one provided by BUPA, can seem costly, it definitely has its benefits. The BUPA network is often considered a one-stop health partner, which is even more important to consider in physical therapy.

From an initial assessment (or assessments if more opinions are required) to hospital stays to extensive follow-up care, BUPA’s services are unparalleled in the health insurance field. The provider also offers a personalized membership platform where you can claim your reimbursement and get access very quickly.

Not only does BUPA facilitate recovery and reimbursement, but it also makes it easier to review and compare policies. If your needs or circumstances change, you can make the necessary changes without wasting time researching adequate policies and their coverage. 

Physiotherapy for BUPA Physiotherapy Network Patients 

If you’re considering BUPA as a health insurance provider, you’ll need to be prepared to seek out therapists working in their network. The professional therapists in the BUPA network will help you get your treatment approved, so you’ll only have to focus on your recovery.

Patients covered by BUPA can get treatment for acute pain caused by injuries or illnesses of the bones, muscles and joints – as well as chronic neuromusculoskeletal issues such as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. Other conditions that may be covered include cystic fibrosis, illnesses or injuries to the nervous system, incontinence and general recovery after long bed rest.

Physiotherapy for BUPA patients often uses a combination of hands-on techniques, practical and safe exercises, and advice and further education needed for long-term recovery plans.

Depending on your needs and preferences, the therapist will coach you through in-session exercises, which you may also need to repeat at home either alone or with partial support.

BUPA Yearly Check Up Physiotherapy Cost

The costs of the yearly physiotherapy check-ups depend on the underlying condition (or conditions) and the type of policy you choose. For example, those recovering from short-term injuries who want to ensure their rehab remains stable or avoid further injuries will pay less.

Whereas those suffering from one or more chronic conditions will require more extensive check-ups – and will pay more. BUPA health therapists assess their lifestyle and current mobility challenges and provide suggestions for future care. 

Are BUPA Health Checks Worth It?

BUPA provides access to a wide range of health checks, which come with numerous advantages. These screenings can detect health issues early on – even before symptoms develop. With their help, you can reduce the risk of minor health issues becoming more serious.

The earlier an illness or injury is detected, the sooner it’ll get treated. BUPA health checks also help you avoid additional medical expenses, which makes them a great investment in your health.

Are the One Body LDN team BUPA Approved Physiotherapists?

One Body LDN is a BUPA-approved physiotherapy provider. Their highly trusted team of professionals offers a solution to a range of physiotherapeutic needs, osteopathy care and recovery from sports injuries.

The therapists have a collaborative approach, willing to provide long-term support to ensure recovery and maintenance of the muscles, joints and bones. Apart from the specific sessions included, their unique treatment plans also incorporate other types of therapy meant to treat the underlying medical condition.

The fully trained One Body therapists are registered with BUPA health insurance and are waiting to start your physio and deep tissue massage treatments today.

Click here to book your treatment session and select private health insurance.

We look forward to seeing you.

What is BUPA International Health Insurance?

BUPA international private health insurance plans offer premium healthcare direct access to a global network of specialists 24/7, without waiting for a referral. Depending on your policy, a second medical opinion and pre-existing conditions may also be covered.

Wherever you are, you can review and update your plans and policies through the Global Virtual Care App. The app also provides access to a team of international doctors by telephone or video call in multiple languages.


Does BUPA Cover Occupational Therapy?

Provided it’s required for improving the patient’s health, occupational therapy can be covered by BUPA. The association only works with certified occupational therapists with a minimum of 5-year experience in their field of practice. 

Does BUPA Cover Chiropractic?

Since chiropractic manipulation is rarely considered a medical necessity, it typically isn’t covered by private insurance policies such as the ones offered by BUPA. That said, if your policy includes an “Extras” section, this may contain information about chiropractic coverage.

Does BUPA Cover Osteopathy?

BUPA covers a broad range of osteopathic treatments. This includes coverage when receiving help for back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, or any other condition accompanied by muscle, joint, or bone issues and pain.

Which is Better, BUPA or Vitality?

Vitality offers coverage for care that facilities healthy and active living, while BUPA covers a range of medical procedures. Which is the better option depends on whether you need coverage from diagnosis to treatment offered by BUPA or prefer the additional services such as quick cashback or discounts provided by Vitality-partners.

Which is Better, BUPA or Allianz?

BUPA is well known for covering round-a-clock care, which also includes long-term options. Allianz, on the other hand, offers the best solution for quick claims. Therefore, the choice depends on whether you need a swift refund for short-term treatment or require long-term coverage.

Are BUPA and Nuffield the Same?

Nuffield Health, established as the Nursing Homes Charitable Trust, was founded by British United Provident Association (BUPA). It remains an integral part of BUPA, offering a wide range of services and health care providers approved by the association.

Using BUPA, How to Get a Referral

To get a referral using BUPA, you’ll need to have a valid policy that allows you to file a claim for your treatment. Apart from specific therapy options, you can also get a health assessment to improve your health – as long it’s medically necessary. BUPA also enables you to get a referral if you want a second opinion on your diagnosis or care plan. 




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