Does AXA Cover Physiotherapy?

Does AXA Cover Physiotherapy

Whether due to injury or illness, problems with muscles, joints and nerves can significantly reduce the quality of life. Finding the cause and alleviating the symptoms as soon as possible is crucial for recovery, but it can be expensive.

A private health insurance policy with coverage for physical therapy can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Find out whether AXA covers physiotherapy and what are this insurer’s requirements for filing a claim right here. 

Physiotherapy for AXA Patients 

As for anyone with muscle, joint or nerve pain, the goal of physiotherapy for AXA patients is to rehabilitate and improve their mobility as efficiently as possible.

AXA works with a large number of physiotherapists, relying on their expertise in anatomy and physiology to assess and treat muscle, joint and nerve issues. Apart from the widely known treatment of sports injuries, AXA patients can also receive a combination of manual therapy, exercise, massage, advice and stretching, all designed to treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. 

AXA patients can even claim treatment for conditions as common as back pain. And they can do this regardless of whether the pain was caused or aggravated by an unexpected injury or repetitive lifestyle factors such as bad posture. You may also be able to claim for neck pain and injuries, and other neuromusculoskeletal symptoms, as long as your therapist provides proof that the treatment was medically necessary.

AXA patients can also access a wide array of specialised treatments, and new approaches are being evaluated and added to the list of services offered by AXA’s in-house therapists regularly. 

If you’ve suddenly developed a new condition, understanding how to alleviate the symptoms through physical therapy may sound confusing. There are also many different specialists offering a variety of services, some even treating the same conditions in different ways.

If you aren’t sure which type of treatment you need, all you need to do is find a physiotherapist that accepts AXA, and they will help you find the right option for you. 

Why AXA?

The main benefit of choosing an AXA health insurance policy to cover your needs for physiotherapy is how quickly you can get help. Unlike when trying to find physiotherapists without private health insurance, AXA patients don’t have to take the time for an appointment with a general practitioner. You can simply call AXA’s Working Body team, explain your issue, and they’ll help you find a solution. 

Another benefit of being covered by AXA health insurance is the extent of coverage you can get. Besides the standard and specialised sessions, acute care, and hospital stays, your AXA therapist will recommend exercises you can do at home as well.

These movements will be tailored to your needs, and you’ll learn them during your session to ensure you can perform them safely. You can get advice on how to stop the pain or discomfort from returning. 

And, if needed, you’ll be advised on additional follow-up treatment. If you feel that the exercises you were given aren’t working for you or are aggravating your condition, all you need to do is call AXA’s Working Body team. They’ll help find a solution for this by either referring you to a specialist for further testing or modifying the exercise to fit your mobility and fitness level better.

Does AXA Cover Chiropractic?

As one of the most in-demand treatments, chiropractic care is on the list of specialised physical therapeutic approaches covered by AXA. To ensure their clients are getting the best chiropractic care, AXA only works with licensed professionals with proven experience in their field.

This help minimizes the risk of further injury and additional expenses. After assessing the patient’s condition, AXA chiropractors use specific techniques such as massage, mobilisation, and manipulation of joints and muscles to improve the mobility and functionality of joints.

Are the One Body LDN Team AXA Approved Physiotherapists?

One Body LDN is an AXA-approved physiotherapy provider. Whether you need standard physio-therapeutic care, help recovering from a sports injury or osteopathic care – their team can meet all your expectations.

Their non-commissioned practitioners will assess your symptoms and listen to your subjective experience regarding your condition. After this, they’ll advise on the best course of treatment and ensure it’ll fit your lifestyle and schedule.

The One Body LDN team also takes a collaborative approach during and after the sessions. They’ll explain how to do the exercises at home, what movements can make it easier for your function and what to avoid to speed up your recovery and prevent further injuries. You won’t have to worry about unclear paths during your recovery or even after that.

Their therapists will ensure that your symptoms are reduced as much as possible. By working on reducing the symptoms, you’ll be able to strengthen your neuromusculoskeletal system, which will speed up your recovery and help you stay healthy in the future.

The fully trained One Body therapists are waiting to start your physio and deep tissue massage treatments today.

Click here to book your treatment session.

We look forward to seeing you.


Does AXA Cover Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is about improving life for those suffering from chronic health issues, preventing future conditions, and catching their symptoms as soon as possible. Because of this, AXA offers a range of insurance plans to cover every insurer’s needs.

The therapist working with the network will assess the patient’s medical needs and advise them on how to improve their condition. They may refer the patients to specialists who can ensure they are given all the tools they need to live a healthier and independent life.

Does AXA Cover Osteopathy?

AXA works with a large network of therapists specialised in diagnosing, treating and managing musculoskeletal disorders. Their osteopathic care practices also include the prevention of additional symptoms and injuries.

Looking at the relationship between your bones and muscles in the problematic areas, AXA-approved osteopaths will help you find the best therapeutic approach.



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