Does Aviva Cover Physiotherapy

Does Aviva Cover Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the most important forms of medical treatment and also often one of the most expensive. Most insurance companies cover physiotherapy when it’s medically required, but the coverage varies depending on treatment costs.

While some insurers will only offer policies for partial coverage or in case of invasive procedures, others take a more all-inclusive approach. Here, you’ll learn whether Aviva covers physiotherapy and your options for coverage.

Physiotherapy for Aviva Patients

To ensure patients get the best possible care for neuromusculoskeletal issues, Aviva works with a wide network of private physiotherapists. All Aviva-approved specialists are experts in their field with a proven track record of helping patients improve their quality of life.

While patients may feel the need to look up therapists with experience in treating a specific condition, Aviva patients don’t have to worry about this either.

Our Aviva registered physiotherapists will see you for an initial assessment. During this, the therapist will either decide to treat the patient or refer them to a specialist. If you are purchasing an online policy, Aviva will help you find a local therapist who works within their network.

If you receive virtual therapy (online advice) for managing your symptoms, you may also be able to claim your treatment costs as long as you can prove it was medically necessary. Aviva patients are typically covered for common and acute health issues like back pain, neck pain, joint pain, muscle stress or pain, and sports injuries.

Aviva-approved therapists will help you ensure you can file a claim, as this is part of their contract with the insurance company. Preexisting conditions (going back five years) are typically not covered.

However, if they result in a new illness or injury, you may be able to file a claim for treating that new condition. Aviva doesn’t cover treatment during pregnancy. You may claim a treatment if the pregnancy results in reduced life quality due to pain and loss of mobility afterwards.

Aviva Physio Essentials Review

Aviva Physio Essentials is a comprehensive digital project designed to provide quick access to diagnosis, treatment and advice for managing life with pain or eliminating it after an illness or injury.

The plan covers up to five phone calls during which a physiotherapist assesses the patient for muscle or joint pain and tests to find the underlying condition. If necessary, virtual physiotherapy is also applied as this helps to make a more accurate assessment.

Once the clinical assessment is completed, the physiotherapists decide whether the patients need face-to-face therapy or only advice on how to manage their condition. In the case of the former, they’ll help you find an Aviva-approved physiotherapist close to your location and schedule a session with them at a time and date that suits you.

You’ll get the information about your appointment and subsequent advice on maintaining musculoskeletal health over the email you use to log into the Physio Essentials portal. This is a digital platform where you can review and manage your policy, add and review documents and even file a claim when needed.

Aviva Physio Essentials only covers standard physio-therapeutic care. While specialized treatments such as osteopathy and chiropractic care are not included in the policy. You can only be covered by one policy and only in the UK. Only the main policyholder can remove anyone from the policy.

Does Aviva Cover Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a treatment approach designed to improve the quality of life for those who have trouble adjusting to a healthy and independent or semi-independent lifestyle. This type of therapy is typically applied to people with chronic conditions, developmental disabilities and injuries with long-term consequences.

Aviva health policies don’t provide coverage for chronic conditions, with the exception of cancer care. That said, if you suffer from a chronic illness, you may be able to file a claim for occupational therapy if the following conditions are met:

  • The treatment is designed to treat an underlying condition developed after purchasing the policy
  • You execute moratorium underwriting, which means the insurer won’t look at your full medical history
  • You were free of any medications, therapy, tests or additional diagnosis for a preexisting condition in the last five years
  • You were free of any medications, therapy, tests or additional diagnosis for a preexisting condition two years after getting the policy
  • The treatment involves hospital stays and specialist treatment – in this case, only these costs will be covered
  • There is a need for outpatient treatment for cancer care, including aftercare for cancer survivors

Is One Body LDN an Aviva Approved Physiotherapy Network Provider?

One Body LDN is an Aviva-approved physiotherapy provider. In conjunction with Aviva, the team of specialists at One Body LDN can help you find problems with all your physio therapeutic needs and their costs. Their services include standard physio therapeutic care, sports recovery and osteopathy.

From releasing tensions to alleviating pain, One Body LDN can find you a long-term solution for everyone. Their specialists pride themselves on listening to the patient’s needs and symptoms before and after your diagnosis.

They work with patients to find the root of the issue and establish the best course of treatment as soon as possible after the initial assessment. They also maintain a collaborative approach outside the session by showing patients how to perform exercises safely and efficiently at home.

If symptoms in or outside the sessions indicate that the therapy isn’t the best fit, the physicians at One Body LDN will immediately make the necessary changes.

The fully trained One Body therapists are waiting to start your physio and deep tissue massage treatments today.

Click here to book your treatment session.

We look forward to seeing you.


Does Aviva Cover Chiropractic Care?

While chiropractic care isn’t part of Aviva’s standard coverage, the health insurance policies can be tailored to cover specialist therapies such as a visit to the chiropractor. That said, if you want to ensure you can claim the cost of the treatment, you should always check this with your insurer before going ahead with the treatment. Some policies may limit the number of sessions you can take.

Does Aviva Cover Osteopathy?

Aviva is one of the few private health insurers that provides coverage for osteopathy. However, you’ll need to ensure the type of therapy you need is covered in your policy. You might face limitations for your claim depending on the number of sessions, treatment types and the policy itself. For example, Aviva Essentials only cover standard physiotherapy sessions but not specialized ones.



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