Does Allianz Cover Physiotherapy

Does Allianz Cover Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a treatment approach that requires constant monitoring and readjustments as the patient’s condition changes. However, while most private health insurance companies provide coverage for physiotherapy, not all of them offer the possibility of tailoring the policies to your changing needs.

Nor do they allow you to make changes in your policy or make a claim as easy as Allianz does. Continue reading to find out under what conditions this insurer covers physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy for Allianz Patients 

Allianz insurance is available in 70 countries across the world, providing coverage for traditional and alternative treatment approaches.

This means that Allianz patients have at their disposal a broad network of physiotherapists with significant experience in their subjective fields. Allianz encourages their therapists to provide the best care keeping their patients needs in mind all the time

Apart from the extensive care from diagnosis to treatment, this also includes ensuring the patients can claim the costs theyve amassed during the sessions

Finding a suitable Allianzapproved therapist near you is relatively easy, and so is getting the treatment you need and claiming your costs with your insurer

Depending on their needs, the patient may receive care in general physiotherapy, including pre-op and post-op treatments, and occupational therapy. They can also obtain specialized services like osteopathic or chiropractic care and preventive and accelerated care for sports injuries.

Allianz Therapy Coverage

Allianz offers extensive therapy coverage which you can access in person, on the phone or online, from numerous countries.

Whether the treatments are available locally or you need to visit another state or country to get them, Allianz will reimburse your expenses (with the exception of travel costs). Depending on your plan, you may have limitations on your benefits

The scope of your cover depends on the plan you selected, the geographical area of cover included in your policy, underwriting options, deductibles, benefits and any other special conditions that may apply. You can change your individual policy before your policy renewal date.

If you want to increase the level, youll need to undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation and agree to a number of exclusions or restrictions before approval.

The fully trained One Body therapists are registered with Allianz health insurance and are waiting to start your physio and deep tissue massage treatments today.

Click here to book your treatment session and select private health insurance.

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