Cigna Covered Physiotherapy

Cigna Covered Physiotherapy, Elbow Nerve Pain

We at One Body LDN are aware of how critical it is to receive the right physiotherapy care when dealing with musculoskeletal injuries. For those who have this kind of insurance, we are pleased to provide physiotherapy services that are covered by Cigna

The assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal problems are the main goals of physiotherapy, commonly referred to as physical therapy. Injuries, discomfort, and illnesses like fibromyalgia and arthritis can all be considered among these ailments. Physiotherapy can help with range of motion, pain management, and injury prevention

Our group of skilled physiotherapists collaborate with clients to develop individualised treatment plans at our London Bridge physio hub. These plans might combine several methods including physical activity, manual rehabilitation, and instruction in injury avoidance. To ensure the greatest outcome, our physiotherapists will collaborate with you to establish goals and monitor your progress.

The fact that physiotherapy services are covered by Cigna insurance is one of its advantages. Numerous physiotherapy services are covered by Cigna, including but not limited to:

initial evaluation and therapy

Follow-up visits

Exercise regimens

Manual treatment

Information on preventing injuries

It is important to remember that physiotherapy services may or may not be covered depending on the particular plan and individual policy. It is advised that you confirm the specifics of your plan with Cigna or your employer.

We at One Body LDN make getting physiotherapy services for Cigna members simple. To confirm coverage and complete any necessary paperwork, we work closely with Cigna. As a result, people with Cigna insurance may concentrate on recovering and getting better without having to worry about finding insurance.

We accept Cigna coverage in addition to other insurance plans, and we provide flexible payment plans for individuals without insurance.

Let pain or an injury go; stop letting them hold you back. To make an appointment and begin receiving Cigna-covered physiotherapy, get in touch with One Body LDN right away. Our team is committed to assisting people in reaching their objectives and raising their standard of living in general. It has never been simpler to schedule an appointment and receive the physiotherapy you require thanks to our online booking system. So don’t wait to get in touch with us if you require physiotherapy and have Cigna insurance!



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