Accelerate your recovery and rehab with WPA physiotherapy. Elevate your performance with specialised treatments from the WPA physiotherapy clinic changing London healthcare.

Trusted by 1000’s of happy clients and WPA private health insurance – take your body and health to the next level.

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At One Body LDN, we use WPA approved physiotherapy alongside various deep tissue, strength and conditioning and acupuncture techniques to offer unique treatment plans that you front and centre.

Stop accepting pain, aches and sub-par treatments – become the best, youngest and healthiest version of yourself.

You only have one body. With thousands of happy clients, our non-commissioned, collaborative WPA physiotherapy approved experts give supervision that forces you to get better and stops your pain from returning.

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No unclear plans. At One Body, you will get a precise diagnosis, treatment plan, and expert sessions that give instant pain relief.

Our world-class lead WPA physiotherapy experts have you covered; from acute injuries or traumas such as dislocations or rolling an ankle to muscle tears or back pain.

Stop just living with the pain. Stop missing your training sessions. And don’t let it become long-term. Fix the root cause of your problem today.


No machines, no weak massages and not just a quick adjustment. Our proven London WPA physiotherapists are trained in deep tissue to high standards, and you will always get strong hands-on work here at our WPA physio practice.

Backed by science and all major private health insurers, our proven therapists will get hands-on to get you pain-free, moving well and feeling amazing instantly.

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London Physiotherapist, physiotherapy meaning


Your time is precious. No more waiting times, trying to fix yourself with online videos or previous ineffective treatment plans. Get the correct and efficient exercises here first and accelerate your recovery at the best WPA physio provider in London.

Our experts at One Body are either former athletes or have experience working with athletes and high performers. We are here to change the standard and give plans you can easily implement, regardless of your level of training experience!


Don’t let your body slow you down. Your career, family and relationships depend on you keeping your body healthy and younger for longer.

Stay a high performer with our hands-on full body treatments, constant guidance and tailored strength and conditioning exercises.

Get robust and aligned, reduce your stiffness, improve your mental state and get in great shape.

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From slipped discs to complex shoulder injuries. From pregnancy pains to muscle and tendon strains, we've got you covered.

Sports Massage


WPA physiotherapy sessions include movement and exercise programming, deep sports massage, joint mobilisations, dry needling and cupping.



No more generic exercises. Regular therapist follow ups or our guided personal training sessions will hold you accountable and guide you back stronger.

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With your WPA physiotherapy private health insurance – also known as ‘WPA private medical insurance’ – we can claim your WPA physiotherapy treatment fee’s on your behalf.


London Massage Therapist


Whether you already have WPA medical insurance through your employee benefits package or pay for it privately – make the most of your benefits.

Get your relaxing treatments and fix your injuries today.


London Physio


In the UK, private health insurance is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for acute conditions. 

These are short-term and curable health issues rather than long-term, chronic conditions.

That new pain you are experiencing may become chronic if left untreated, which:

1 – will be terrible for your quality of life. 

And 2 – may result in your insurance provider then not covering the cost of your treatments!

CHANGING THE STANDARD OF WPA Registered Physiotherapy Near You


If you searched for “WPA physio near me” – you landed on the right page.

No hard sells – unlike regular practices, our WPA physiotherapy experts in London are non-commission-based. We will not pressure you into anything.

We take a collaborative, advisory and consultative approach, and it is a privilege for us to do so. And you will stay with the same therapist for your treatments.

Being asked to return for sessions too often or equally, not enough is wrong in healthcare.

And you can rest assured that our experts only offer best practices, and our treatment plans will be precisely what you need.

At – WPA physiotherapy recognised – One Body, we do things differently.

Have you ever been given a sheet of exercises with no guidance? Then you were too embarrassed to do your exercises due to poor form, or maybe you tried to do them but made things worse due to the pain?

Or you simply didn’t do them and the pain came back.

When you embark on a rehab plan with us, you get access to complimentary video calls and email check-ins from your therapists in between your sessions.

Get in between session updates and have your exercise form corrected.

We will hold you accountable to your rehab throughout.

And you’ll receive premium guidance so that your exercises lead you to less pain, not more!

Our WPA physiotherapy clinicians can even train you! Allow us to incorporate your rehab with a strength + conditioning programme. Get in shape, recover faster and get stronger – all whilst saving time.

We know time is precious; you are busy! Between work, family and training commitments – you don’t need any unnecessary extras added.

At our exciting WPA physiotherapy London clinic registered hub – you are not adding “one more thing” to your diary. Depending on your goals, your bespoke sessions could consist of physio, rehab, assisted stretching, deep tissue massage, strength training, acupuncture and more!

Maybe in the past, you have been given 8+ exercises to add to your already hectic routine. This is not our style, and we are a fan of efficient care at One Body. Why give eight exercises when 1-2, done correctly and intently, could have the same or better results?

We are open seven days a week and late on the weekdays.
And at WPA physiotherapy approved One Body, when you make the time for yourself, we will maximise that time spent!

No machines, no seeing multiple different physiotherapists, no unrealistic or ineffective copy + paste exercises and certainly no weak massages.

Maybe you have tried treatment sessions somewhere else before; maybe you haven’t.

Either way, at WPA physiotherapy approved One Body LDN, we do not follow the same guidelines – basic exercise prescription with no or little hands-on treatments.

Here you can expect strong and deep hands-on treatment techniques and acupuncture (if required).

And regarding exercise prescription, you deserve to learn the correct way the first time around. Our WPA registered physiotherapists at One Body are either former athletes themselves or have experience working with athletes. We are here to change the standard and give plans you can easily implement, regardless of your level of training experience!

At One Body, we have practitioners that you can believe in.
We will do all the planning and hold you accountable. Just turn up – and let us lead the way. Become a new you.

Most new clients come via word-of-mouth referrals; many stay with us long-term for MOT treatments and training sessions. We take great pride in continuously building an environment where people feel comfortable and happy.

Trusted by London’s CEOs, celebs and athletes. You have the right to a well-mannered, professional, fun and motivating experience.

We explain information in simple and easy-to-understand terms. And with a modern and fresh approach, we aim to deliver a premium service.

The NHS uses both Physiotherapy and Osteopathy – they undergo stringent regulation.

Our therapists have undergone extensive university training and are fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and the General Osteopathic Council.

And if your injury requires further investigation or surgical intervention, we have access to London’s best orthopaedic consultants.

With no GP referral required, you can start your plan today.

Go from in pain to pain-free, fitter and happier; we’ll take you far beyond when you first enter the clinic. And this is why we are the preferred WPA physiotherapy hub in London. 



London Massage Therapist


You won’t be ignored or told to just rest.

At your WPA physio appointment at One Body LDN, you talk; we listen. Your session starts with a thorough whole-body assessment; you’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses. 

We’ll assess your posture, your movement and aim to find the root cause of any issues you may have.


London Massage Therapist


Next you’ll receive a variety of hands-on treatments.

Our treatment approach aims to cover all areas: reduce muscle tightness, increase joint mobility and reduce pain. Allowing you to move more freely.


London Physio


No more painkillers or short-term fixes. But education to take with you.

We’ll discuss your treatment plan going forward, and coach you through your bespoke exercises.

You can implement these at home, or we will personally train you at our luxury WPA preferred London physio clinic. Giving both short and long-term fixes; whatever your goal.

BOOK YOUR WPA physiotherapy Approved TREATMENT NOW

With thousands of happy clients – we are the No.1 WPA approved physiotherapist London clinic. Our 360° recovery approach has been designed for London’s high-performers. 


Apart from “where to find the best WPA physiotherapist near me?” – as you have found that answer 🙂

With our Knowledge Base, we are the industry leader in transparency and ensuring our clients are fully educated and relaxed before and during their treatment sessions.



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Physiotherapy vs Chiropractor

Please get in touch with your insurance company before booking your appointment. It’s best to confirm the level of cover you have and whether you’ll need a GP or consultant referral letter.

You will need to provide all the following information to us before coming to your WPA physiotherapy appointment. These are;

  • Your Insurer
  • Policy number
  • Authorisation code
  • Which discipline you have authorisation for (Physiotherapy or Osteopathy)
  • How many sessions you have been approved for
  • Your total excess 

Please be advised that we cannot process your invoices without the information listed above and valid authorisation, resulting in the need to self-fund your appointments. 

The prices per session from insurance providers can vary from our standard pricing.

Please note that many providers will not authorise treatment costs retrospectively, so best to do this in advance of your appointment.

There is usually a limit on how much WPA physiotherapy you can claim for. This is either a monetary amount (e.g. £500 per year) or measured by the number of sessions you can receive.

You cannot claim for any equipment bought.

You will need to ring up your insurance provider to explain your injury/concern and request to see a therapist with us.

Please give your insurer one of our provider numbers (listed below) to get your authorisation code.

Most policies will include an excess payment – to be paid annually.

An excess is an amount of money that your provider will expect you to pay before they start covering you for further treatment you receive over that amount. Following payment of your excess to One Body LDN in full, your provider will cover 100% of your treatment. 

Before starting your WPA physiotherapy treatments, it is essential to know the following:

  • Does your policy have an excess?
  • If so, how much?
  • When does your policy date start? (To know when you may have to pay your excess again] 

We’ll provide you with invoices and receipts to easily claim back your treatment costs incurred. We’ll work with you to make sure this goes smoothly.

Please check your plan thoroughly before booking with us and paying to ensure that your treatments are covered.

our provider codes


Isobel Shaban – 921224415

Claudia Wrobel – 921216960

Kanvi Bhavsar – 921216975

Mridul Singh – 921217106

Magenta Ross – 921118983

Harry Veillard – 921056243

Danielle Blake – 921124516

Jake Mulley – 921070603

Rebecca Bossick – 920688001

Who owns WPA health insurance?

WPA Health Insurance is owned by WPA, a UK-based insurance company that provides a range of health and medical insurance products to individuals, families, and businesses. The company was founded in 1901 and has since grown to become one of the largest providers of private medical insurance in the UK.



60 min – 85 
30 min – 49 

Senior Physiotherapist:

60 min – 105
30 min – 69 

Clinic Director:

60 min – 109
30 min – 79 

Full Pricing Info HERE

Get us to do the work for you. We can claim your treatment fee’s on your behalf – it’s easy to do. 

We can bill the following insurance companies for your treatment fees:

Physiotherapy – Axa PPP, Bupa, Bupa International, Nuffield Health, Vitality, Aviva, Cigna, Cigna International, WPA, Aetna, Healix, Allianz, Health Shield and Simplyhealth.

If your insurance company is not listed above, don’t worry, this is not an exhaustive list. Don’t hesitate to contact us,  and we will confirm with you.

The prices per session from insurance providers can vary from our standard pricing.

Check out our private health insurance page for further guidance.

Are you looking for the best WPA physiotherapy clinic providers near you? Look no further! In this blog post, we will introduce you to WPA physiotherapy and help you understand their health insurance plans. We will break down the different levels of coverage that WPA offers for physiotherapy treatment- from core cover to enhanced cover. Additionally, we will guide you through the process of finding the right WPA physiotherapy clinic for your needs. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain or recovering from an injury, finding the right clinic and insurance plan can make all the difference in your healing journey. So read on to discover everything you need to know about WPA physiotherapy and how it can benefit you.

Introduction to WPA Physiotherapy

Maintaining a healthy body is crucial for living a fulfilling life, but injuries or conditions may hinder our mobility and overall well-being. This is where WPA Physiotherapy can help. With a range of therapies and experienced physiotherapists, WPA Physiotherapy may provide an effective non-surgical and non-medicinal alternative to treat physical conditions. It’s important to research and choose a reputable and qualified WPA Physiotherapy clinic near you for optimum results.

Understanding WPA Health Insurance Plans

When it comes to WPA Health Insurance plans, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, ensure that the physiotherapy clinics and practitioners you choose are registered with WPA. Secondly, check whether your plan includes any limits or exclusions for physiotherapy treatment. Finally, consider the location and availability of approved clinics near you and understand the claims process for reimbursement. By doing so, you can make the most of your WPA Health Insurance plan and receive quality care from reputable physiotherapy providers.

Core Cover for Physiotherapy

Choosing the right health insurance plan is crucial when it comes to accessing physiotherapy treatments. WPA Health Insurance offers a range of plans that cover physiotherapy, with Core Cover being the most basic plan that covers a limited number of sessions per year. The Elite or Premier Plans offer more extensive coverage for physiotherapy, with higher limits on the number of sessions covered. It’s important to review your plan to ensure you have the appropriate coverage and understand how to access it.

Out-patient Treatment for Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an essential out-patient treatment option offered by WPA Health Insurance Plans. It is often used to alleviate chronic pain or treat musculoskeletal injuries. When seeking a WPA Physiotherapy clinic, make sure to verify if the provider you choose is in-network to maximize your benefits. Additionally, consider the location, hours of operation, and expertise of the physiotherapist before making your decision. Regular physiotherapy sessions can help improve your mobility, reduce pain, and enhance your overall quality of life.

Comprehensive Cover for Physiotherapy

WPA Health Insurance offers one of the most comprehensive plans for physiotherapy services in the country. Their coverage includes rehabilitation after surgery, treatment for chronic conditions such as arthritis and back pain, and alternative therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic treatment. By choosing a physiotherapy clinic recognized by WPA, you can ensure that your treatment is covered by your insurance plan. With WPA’s commitment to providing high-quality health care, you can be confident in your choice of physiotherapy provider.

Enhanced Cover for Physiotherapy

Accessing enhanced cover for physiotherapy treatments has never been easier with WPA Health Insurance. Members can benefit from coverage for initial consultations, follow-up sessions, as well as treatment modalities like acupuncture and massage therapy. With a wide network of physiotherapy clinics to choose from, you can easily find a provider near you. Additionally, WPA offers useful online resources and tools to help manage your health and wellbeing. The specific coverage levels depend on the WPA plan chosen.

Finding the Right WPA Physiotherapy Clinic

Selecting the right WPA physiotherapy clinic can be a daunting task, but with careful consideration of your needs and preferences, you can make an informed decision. Start by researching clinics in your area that are recognised by WPA, then narrow down your options based on factors such as location, reputation, services offered and professional expertise. It’s important to choose a clinic that aligns with your unique requirements to ensure that you receive the best possible care for your health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WPA physiotherapy coverage and how does it work?

WPA physiotherapy coverage is a type of health insurance that covers the cost of physiotherapy treatments. It usually comes with an annual limit, which varies depending on the plan you choose. To use your WPA physiotherapy coverage, you’ll need a referral from a doctor or specialist.

Once you have the referral, you can book an appointment at a WPA-approved physiotherapy clinic and submit your claim for reimbursement. This can help make physiotherapy more accessible and affordable for those who need it.

What are some important factors to consider when choosing a WPA-approved physiotherapy clinic?

When choosing a WPA-approved physiotherapy clinic, there are several important factors to consider. First, check the location and accessibility of the clinic to ensure it is convenient for you. Second, consider the qualifications and experience of the physiotherapists working at the clinic. Third, look for a clinic that offers a range of services and treatments that meet your specific needs.

Finally, be sure to read reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family who have used WPA-approved clinics before. This can help give you a better idea of what to expect from the clinic and whether it is a good fit for you.

What types of injuries and conditions can be treated through WPA physiotherapy coverage?

WPA physiotherapy coverage can be used to treat a variety of injuries and conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation, arthritis, sciatica, and whiplash. Physiotherapists can also assist with posture correction, mobility improvement, and general fitness.

It is important to review your WPA policy carefully to determine which specific injuries and conditions are covered under your plan.

Are there any limitations or exclusions to WPA physiotherapy coverage?

Yes, there may be limitations or exclusions to WPA physiotherapy coverage depending on the specific plan. Some plans may limit the number of sessions covered or exclude certain types of treatments.

To fully understand your coverage, it is important to carefully review your WPA policy and contact your provider directly if you have any questions about your coverage or any limitations or exclusions that may apply.

At One Body LDN, we are proud to partner with WPA Health Insurance, a leading healthcare provider in the UK, to offer comprehensive coverage for physiotherapy sessions. As a trusted health insurer, WPA provides a wide range of services, including access to remote GP services, diagnostic scans such as MRI, CT, and PET scans, as well as out-patient procedures and day-patient treatment in both NHS hospitals and private centres.

WPA Physiotherapy insurance ensures that you and your family members receive the care and support you need. With the WPA Health App, you can easily track claims, access the private GP helpline, and manage your health insurance cover with the freedom to choose the right treatment provider. Benefit from sessions of chiropractic care, osteopathy, psychotherapy, and mental health services, all within your policy’s benefit limits.

The WPA Physiotherapy insurance also offers targeted cancer therapies, chemotherapy, and diagnostic tests for cancer care, alongside general dental treatment, nursing, and hospice care. With various levels of cover available, you can find the right policy to suit your needs and preferences.

We understand the importance of freedom of choice and are committed to offering customer service that goes above and beyond. Our contact details, opening hours, and email support ensure that you can make informed commercial and clinical decisions, with access to a comprehensive list of eligible claims and key exclusions available for download.

Visit our website to explore exclusive member offers, full details of each benefit, and the WPA fee schedule. You’ll also find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our WPA Physiotherapy services and health insurance plans. Choose One Body LDN and WPA Health Insurance for a healthcare experience that prioritizes your well-being, freedom, and peace of mind.


In conclusion, WPA Health Insurance provides excellent coverage for physiotherapy treatments. You can choose from a range of plans to find the one that suits your needs and budget best. The core cover plan helps you avail basic physiotherapy treatment, while the comprehensive cover and enhanced cover plans offer more extensive coverage. Finding the right WPA physiotherapy clinic near you is easy with their online directory search tool. Simply enter your postcode or location, and you’ll see a list of providers in your area. Don’t let pain hold you back any longer; book an appointment with the best WPA physiotherapy clinic near you today!


Rescheduling and Cancellations

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we require 24 hours advance notice. If you cancel within 24 hours, we will process a cancellation fee equal to the value of your session.

With prepaid or insurance sessions, we will therefore deduct the value of your session from your allowance.

This notice period is an industry-standard for medical practitioners.

Please contact us if you’re unsure about attending your appointment.


To provide the best possible service to all our clients, we ask you to contact us if you are running late. We can attempt to make all necessary arrangements to ensure our specialist sees you. 

As our clinics are very busy, we may ask you to reschedule your appointment or wait for an available slot so that all our patients receive the best possible service.

Suppose you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment without our prior agreement. In that case, we may consider you to have failed to attend, and we will process a “Did Not Attend” fee equal to the value of your session.

Failure to Attend

If you fail to attend your treatment session or are more than 10 minutes late, we will deem you missed your appointment. We will then process a “Did Not Attend” fee equal to the value of your session.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you understand, have read, and abide by One Body LDN’s Privacy Policy.

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