One Body Physiotherapy London


Meet Eli. Eli obtained a master’s degree in physiotherapy from Brunel University London after completing a BHK in Kinesiology with a speciality in movement science from the University of Windsor in Canada.

Over the past ten years, Eli has worked with patients of various fitness capacities to help them reach their exercise goals. He has enjoyed creating personalised and evidence-based exercise plans while maintaining a holistic and patient-centred perspective.

Before starting his master’s degree, Eli spent four years representing the Canadian National Athletics team, competing in the shot put. As an international athlete, Eli gained first-hand experience of what is needed to become an elite-level competitor. By working with field leaders in physiotherapy, dietetics, strength and conditioning and psychology, Eli greatly understands the multidimensional approach to performance and recovery.

Eli is a process-focused and driven individual passionate about health and wellness. He believes collaboration between the patient and clinician is essential to developing a rehabilitation plan. In his spare time, Eli enjoys watching football and training in the gym and has recently taken up running.