Danielle, our experienced senior physio, has achieved First Class Honours in BSc Physiotherapy. After qualifying in 2018, Danielle worked for the NHS for three years providing high-quality care and rehabilitation to patients with complex genetic disorders, life-threatening respiratory conditions and acute/chronic musculoskeletal injuries.

Danielle has worked in multiple physiotherapy specialities, including; intensive care, surgery, high-dependency units, paediatrics, musculoskeletal outpatients, inpatient rehabilitation, cystic fibrosis and trauma and orthopaedics. She then later specialised in managing patients in acute and respiratory medicine.

As a senior physio, Danielle presented lectures to university students, led NHS teaching sessions and mentored multiple masters and undergraduate physiotherapy students. With her teaching, the students all went on to achieve first-class marks in their placements.

Working in the NHS allowed Danielle to gain experience with some of the most challenging and traumatic patient cases. Danielle has acquired in-depth medical knowledge enabling her to provide holistic care to her patients when considering their health, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Danielle’s passion is fitness; she enjoys regularly going to the gym and boxing. She also loves being outdoors and meeting new people and has provided recovery and sports massage to the Birmingham 10K Athletes. Danielle is keen to treat your sports-related injuries and help you to return to full fitness and excel in all facets of life.

Danielle oozes positivity and believes the ‘glass is always half full’. She likes to help her patients grow physically and mentally, and her caring nature ensures she always goes above and beyond for her patients and pushes them to achieve the highest quality of life.



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