Understanding and Managing Gluteus Medius Pain

gluteus medius pain
Understanding and Managing Gluteus Medius Pain



At physiotherapy London Bridge clinic One Body LDN, we have seen numerous patients with gluteus medius muscle pain walk through our doors. This muscle, positioned in the hip region, is essential for maintaining appropriate posture and stability during walking, running, and ascending stairs. When it becomes weak or overworked, it can cause a variety of problems, including gluteus medius pain. In this post, we will look at the reasons of this discomfort as well as the therapies and exercises that can help reduce it.

Causes of Gluteus Medius Pain

There are several main reasons of pain in the gluteus medius muscle. Overuse is a common reason. This can happen when a person engages in activities that require repetitive motions, such as jogging or cycling. The muscle can get fatigued and overworked, resulting in pain and weakness.

Sedentary lifestyle is another common cause of gluteus medius pain. When a muscle is not exercised on a regular basis, it might become weak and prone to injury. This is why it is critical to keep an active lifestyle and indulge in regular exercise.

Poor posture is another factor that contributes to gluteus medius pain. When the body is not properly aligned, the muscles might get strained and weary, resulting in pain.

Treatment and Exercises

Rest and ice are often used to decrease inflammation in the gluteus medius. Over-the-counter pain relievers can also be used. A visit to a physiotherapist is advised if the discomfort is severe or continuous.

A physiotherapist can create a specific treatment plan that may include exercises to strengthen the muscle as well as stretching and massage to improve flexibility and relieve pain.

Gluteus medius exercises include:

Clamshells: Lie on your side with your knees bent and your feet together. Lift your upper leg as high as you can without moving your pelvis. Return your knee to its initial position. Repeat numerous times.

Fire hydrants: Get down on your hands and knees. Lift your right leg out to the side, keeping your knee bent. Return your leg to its initial position. Repeat numerous times.

Step-ups: Position yourself in front of a step or bench. Step up onto the step with your right foot, then bring your left foot up to meet it. Step back down with your left foot first, then your right foot. Repeat numerous times.


The greatest approach to avoid gluteus medius pain is to live a healthy, active lifestyle. This includes regular exercise and stretching, as well as keeping appropriate posture. Furthermore, it is critical to engage in activities that do not place undue strain on the muscle, such as running on a level surface rather than rough terrain.


Gluteus medius pain can be debilitating, but it is curable. By understanding the reasons of chronic pain, as well as the exercises and therapies that can help reduce it, London Bridge residents can take steps to prevent and manage this disease. One Body LDN is here to help if you are suffering from gluteus medius muscle pain. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our skilled physiotherapists.



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