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BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP MACPSEM
Physiotherapy | Massage | Dry Needling

Meet Jake, a former Team GB Judo athlete and our senior physiotherapist specialising in sports and exercise medicine. After graduating with a first-class honours degree in Physiotherapy, Jake quickly established himself working with professional footballers and high-level marathon runners.

Jake has previously worked at both West Ham United and Crystal Palace FC. He took a lead role in assessment, diagnosis and treating elite footballers to the highest level.

Jake uses his injury rehab principles and knowledge gained in elite sport to rehab and recover One Body clients. His vast experience in hip, knee and ankle injuries is unrivalled; Jake is always keen to take his patients to that next level. Your goals are his goals.

He has extensive experience in pre and post-operative management, including ACL rehab, meniscus surgery, ankle reconstructions and hip labral surgery. Jake always provides evidence-based treatments and individualised care to maximise his clients’ health and wellbeing.

Jake is a regional representative for ACPSEM (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine) for London and the South East. He is a UKAD accredited clean sports advisor and has completed the FIFA medical diploma. As well as this, Jake is also qualified in sports massage, medical acupuncture and sports trauma management.

Jake is friendly and approachable with a compassionate and attentive approach ensuring no stone is left unturned in your pursuit of optimal health and fitness.

Jake Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy Near Me



BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy | Paediatric Physiotherapy | Deep Tissue Massage

Danielle, our experienced physio, has achieved First Class Honours in BSc Physiotherapy. After qualifying in 2018, Danielle worked for the NHS for three years providing high-quality care and rehabilitation to patients with complex genetic disorders, life-threatening respiratory conditions and acute/chronic musculoskeletal injuries.

Danielle has worked in multiple physiotherapy specialities, including; intensive care, surgery, high-dependency units, paediatrics, musculoskeletal outpatients, inpatient rehabilitation, cystic fibrosis and trauma and orthopaedics. She then later specialised in managing patients in acute and respiratory medicine.

As a senior physio, Danielle presented lectures to university students, led NHS teaching sessions and mentored multiple masters and undergraduate physiotherapy students. With her teaching, the students all went on to achieve first-class marks in their placements.

Working in the NHS allowed Danielle to gain experience with some of the most challenging and traumatic patient cases. Danielle has acquired in-depth medical knowledge enabling her to provide holistic care to her patients when considering their health, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Danielle’s passion is fitness; she enjoys regularly going to the gym and boxing. She also loves being outdoors and meeting new people and has provided recovery and sports massage to the Birmingham 10K Athletes. Danielle is keen to treat your sports-related injuries and help you to return to full fitness and excel in all facets of life.

Danielle oozes positivity and believes the ‘glass is always half full’. She likes to help her patients grow physically and mentally, and her caring nature ensures she always goes above and beyond for her patients and pushes them to achieve the highest quality of life.

Harry bio



BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy | Expert Rehabilitation | Deep Tissue Massage

Our competition-experienced senior physiotherapist, Harry, qualified from St. George’s University of London, having coached as a personal trainer in gyms and fitness studios across London.

Harry has extensive experience working with various individuals supporting and guiding them to their optimal health, fitness and rehab goals. Harry previously gained experience working at a physiotherapy and sports injury clinic, assessing and treating various overuse and traumatic injuries across multiple disciplines. In addition, he worked as a physiotherapist for a Surrey rugby club, managing both the senior and junior sides throughout the season.

Harry also spent five years in the Army Reserves and had the honour of looking after the Army Weightlifting Team. And before taking on this role, Harry very impressively won the Army Weightlifting Championship in 2022! He understands how important it is for you to function at your best, whether in a competitive environment or pursuing a fitness-related goal.

Harry understands the value of progressive rehab in relation to various musculoskeletal conditions and can adapt his care to suit individual needs, reduce pain and optimally improve function.

His rehab plans are specific, personalised, holistic and evidence-based to ensure that his patients achieve their goals.

In his spare time, Harry enjoys training, trying out new restaurants and, albeit painful at times, watching Arsenal play football.


MSc Physiotherapy BSc Sports Therapy
Physiotherapy | Massage | Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Magenta, our senior physiotherapist, started her health and wellness career in professional and amateur sports.

After achieving a BSc in Sports Therapy, she worked with various sports teams, including the famous Queens Park Rangers FC and the England beach soccer team!

After working for an American football team and various football clubs for eight years, Magenta decided she wanted to further her knowledge.

Magenta since graduated with an MSc in Physiotherapy; this then saw her work with both acute and chronic injuries within some of London’s top private clinics and the NHS.

Magenta loves helping her patients thrive and improve their quality of life. Whether it’s work-related back pain, sports injuries, tendon or ligament injuries, Magenta is keen to find the best way to reduce your pain and improve your function efficiently.

Magenta is compassionate, honest and personable and always treats every patient as an individual as no two people are the same.

In her spare time, Magenta enjoys going to the gym, swimming, trying out new restaurants or taking her little doggy out for walks. Magenta wants you to enjoy your social life and hobbies without being limited by pain or injuries too.


Magenta Physio


Rozha Physio



BSc Physiotherapy 
Physiotherapy | Deep Tissue Massage | Rehabilitation 

As a qualified physiotherapist from St. Georges University of London, Rozha’s passion for helping others led to her experiencing work in NHS hospital wards and private clinics.

Rozha has worked with clients of all backgrounds and focuses her attention on their functional ability and personal goals by listening and understanding what they want to gain from their physiotherapy treatments.

Rozha always aims for the ultimate standard of progression and pushes her clients to the edge of their comfort zones to get the best outcomes for them.

In her role as a physiotherapist at One Body, Rozha will work on you as a whole. As well as focusing on your area of concern and its source, she can also contribute to improving your lifestyle concerning training, diet and sleep advice.

Formerly being scouted and coached by a GB Olympic weightlifting coach, Rozha‘s history in Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics gives her an insight into functional mobility and the importance of correct form and posture when conducting exercise, as well as activities of daily living.

Rozha has also previously utilised her skills in sports and rehab by conducting sports massage therapy with supporting charities at previous Marathons.

Rozha is warm and approachable, always ensuring the client is at the heart of what we work to do.

And in her spare time, she enjoys working out, being with friends, exploring the city, trying places to eat and winding down with her kitten.

London Physio



Physiotherapy | Massage | Acupuncture

Meet Rebecca, our specialist Physiotherapist. Having worked in the city for many years; her reputation precedes her.

Before co-founding One Body, Rebecca founded the elite full-service physiotherapy clinic – Physio LDN. Her advanced skills have led to her treating many professional athletes and celebs. These include UFC fighters, singers, ultra-endurance athletes and England rugby players.

Rebecca’s specialist interests are in complex pre and post-operative conditions. She receives many referrals from London’s top consultant’s and trainers. Large businesses also seek her to provide corporate physiotherapy and workplace ergonomic assessments.

Rebecca loves her work and is full of energy. With high energy and good vibes in every session, she’s an ideal clinician to educate and empower you on the way to your results.

In her spare time, Rebecca also works as a Consultant Cosmetic Acupuncturist. She treats clients for their skin, digestive health, sleep and stress. Contact us  for further information on these treatments.


Osteopathy | Massage | Acupuncture

Kurt is our lead Osteopath. Before co-founding One Body with Rebecca, Kurt was the founder and lead therapist of the award-winning, 5-star London clinic – Osteo LDN. 

From pain relief to completely rebuilding yourself from an injury – you can be confident in Kurt’s ability, drive and experience to get you across the finish line.

Kurt’s experience is vast, from whipping clients into shape as a personal trainer and working as a London Firefighter to rehabbing Londoners as a lead clinical therapist. 

Throughout the years, Kurt has catered for everyone from office professionals to seasoned athletes. The goals vary for each client; however, Kurt’s commitment to your optimised improvement remains assured.

A lifelong athlete, Kurt is a former WKO top 10 UK ranked professional K1 kickboxer. He has also competed across a broad range of sports, including strongman and MMA, and completed a marathon.

Kurt is personable and driven, gaining genuine fulfilment from assisting you in surpassing your goals.

Kurt osteopath


London Physiotherapist


London Physiotherapist



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No hard sells – unlike regular practices, our physiotherapists in London are non-commission-based. We will not pressure you into anything.

We take a collaborative, advisory and consultative approach, and it is a privilege for us to do so. And you will stay with the same therapist for your treatments.

Being asked to return for sessions too often or equally, not enough is wrong in healthcare.

And you can rest assured that our experts only offer best practices, and our treatment plans will be precisely what you need.

At One Body, we do things differently.

Have you ever been given a sheet of exercises with no guidance? Then you were too embarrassed to do your exercises due to poor form, or maybe you tried to do them but made things worse due to the pain?

Or you simply didn’t do them and the pain came back.

When you embark on a rehab plan with us, you get access to complimentary video calls and email check-ins from your therapists in between your sessions.

Get in between session updates and have your exercise form corrected.

We will hold you accountable to your rehab throughout.

And you’ll receive premium guidance so that your exercises lead you to less pain, not more!

Our therapists can even train you! Allow us to incorporate your rehab with a strength + conditioning programme. Get in shape, recover faster and get stronger – all whilst saving time.

We know time is precious; you are busy! Between work, family and training commitments – you don’t need any unnecessary extras added.

At our exciting hub – you are not adding “one more thing” to your diary. Depending on your goals, your bespoke sessions could consist of physio, rehab, assisted stretching, deep tissue massage, strength training, acupuncture and more!

Maybe in the past, you have been given 8+ exercises to add to your already hectic routine. This is not our style, and we are a fan of efficient care at One Body. Why give eight exercises when 1-2, done correctly and intently, could have the same or better results?

We are open seven days a week and late on the weekdays.
And at One Body, when you make the time for yourself, we will maximise that time spent!

No machines, no seeing multiple different Physiotherapists, no unrealistic or ineffective copy + paste exercises and certainly no weak massages.

Maybe you have tried treatment sessions somewhere else before; maybe you haven’t.

Either way, at One Body LDN, we do not follow the same guidelines – basic exercise prescription with no or little hands-on treatments.

Here you can expect strong and deep hands-on treatment techniques and acupuncture (if required).

And regarding exercise prescription, you deserve to learn the correct way the first time around. Our experts at One Body are either former athletes themselves or have experience working with athletes. We are here to change the standard and give plans you can easily implement, regardless of your level of training experience!

At One Body, we have practitioners that you can believe in.
We will do all the planning and hold you accountable. Just turn up – and let us lead the way. Become a new you.

Most new clients come via word-of-mouth referrals; many stay with us long-term for MOT treatments and training sessions. We take great pride in continuously building an environment where people feel comfortable and happy.

Trusted by London’s CEOs, celebs and athletes. You have the right to a well-mannered, professional, fun and motivating experience.

We explain information in simple and easy-to-understand terms. And with a modern and fresh approach, we aim to deliver a premium service.

The NHS uses both Physiotherapy and Osteopathy – they undergo stringent regulation.

Our therapists have undergone extensive university training and are fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and the General Osteopathic Council.

And if your injury requires further investigation or surgical intervention, we have access to London’s best orthopaedic consultants.

With no GP referral required, you can start your plan today.

Go from in pain to pain-free, fitter and happier; we’ll take you far beyond when you first enter the clinic.


We aim to be the industry leader in transparency and ensure our clients are fully educated and relaxed before and during their treatment sessions.

Unsure about anything? Check out our industry-leading knowledge base to have your questions answered, and your mind put at ease.


any questions?

We aim to be the industry leader in transparency and ensure our clients are fully educated and relaxed before and during their treatment sessions.

Unsure about anything? Check out our industry-leading knowledge base to have your questions answered, and your mind put at ease.

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