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With over 5x the required training, our proven London physios at our shoulder pain clinic blend expert rehab and deep massage to fix your shoulder permanently.

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Our world-class lead physios have you covered; from acute injuries or traumas such as dislocations or rolling an ankle to muscle tears or back pain.

Stop just living with the pain. And don’t let it become long-term.

Fix the root cause of your problem today.

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No machines, no weak massages and not just a quick adjustment.

Our proven therapists are trained in deep tissue to high standards.

We’ll always get hands-on to get you pain-free, moving well and feeling amazing instantly.

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Your time is precious. The longer you wait, the worse it will get.

Get correct, bespoke and efficient exercises here first and accelerate your recovery.

Our experts at One Body are either former athletes or have experience working with athletes and high performers.

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Fix your body and stay healthier for longer.

Stay a high performer with our hands-on full-body treatments, constant guidance and tailored strength and conditioning exercises.

Get robust and aligned, reduce your stiffness, improve your mental state and get in great shape.

Conditions We Treat at Our Physio for Shoulder Pain Clinic London

Arthritis in the shoulder can severely affect mobility. Our shoulder pain physio focuses on exercises and manual therapies for shoulder pain relief, improving joint function and reducing discomfort.

Shoulder impingement, causing pain during movement, is effectively treated with our shoulder physiotherapy. We provide targeted exercises and manual therapy to alleviate impingement, reduce pinching pain and enhance shoulder function.

Frozen shoulder, characterised by long-term stiffness and pain, responds well to our shoulder pain relief techniques. Our comprehensive shoulder pain physio aims to restore range of motion and reduce discomfort permanently.

Recovering from a shoulder dislocation requires specialised care. Our shoulder injury treatment includes physiotherapy focused on stabilising and strengthening the shoulder to prevent future dislocations.

A rotator cuff tear, a very common shoulder injury, is expertly managed and regularly treated through our shoulder physiotherapy. We focus on pain relief and muscle strengthening to aid in recovery and prevent recurrence.

A labral tear in the shoulder is treated with our specialised shoulder pain relief techniques. Our shoulder pain physio includes exercises to improve stability and reduce pain.

ACJ Dysfunction in the shoulder, causing joint pain, benefits from our shoulder physiotherapy. We offer targeted treatment to relieve pain and restore normal shoulder function.

Shoulder fracture rehabilitation is crucial for recovery. Our shoulder pain physiotherapy focuses on safe, effective exercises to regain strength and mobility in the shoulder.

A trapped nerve in the shoulder area requires precise treatment. Our shoulder pain relief techniques in our shoulder physiotherapy aim to relieve nerve pressure and alleviate pain.

Neck-referred shoulder pain is treated through a combined approach in our shoulder physiotherapy. We focus on addressing both neck and shoulder tightness, upper back mobility and fixing poor office posture for comprehensive pain relief.

Tight shoulder and neck muscles, often causing discomfort, are relieved through our specialised shoulder pain therapy. Our treatment includes deep-tissue massage techniques to relax muscles and reduce tension.

Shoulder dislocation and subluxation are managed with our expert shoulder injury treatment. We provide exercises and therapies in our shoulder physiotherapy to enhance stability and prevent future incidents.

Shoulder instability can lead to recurrent injuries. Our shoulder pain relief program includes strengthening and stabilising exercises as part of our shoulder physiotherapy.

Post-operative rehabilitation for shoulder surgeries is a specialist focus in our clinic. Working alongside your orthopaedic consultant, we offer comprehensive shoulder pain physiotherapy to ensure a successful and effective recovery.

Bursitis in the shoulder, causing joint pain, is effectively treated with our shoulder pain physiotherapy. We focus on reducing inflammation and improving shoulder mobility for long-term relief.

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