Calf Soreness from Running: How Sports Massage and Physiotherapy Can Help

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Calf Soreness from Running: How Sports Massage and Physiotherapy in London Can Help


Running is a popular type of exercise, but it can also cause problems such as calf soreness. Overuse, poor running form, or insufficient warm-up and cool-down routines can all cause calf soreness from running. If you have calf soreness from running, sports massage and physiotherapy in London can help relieve it and avoid further injury.

Running calf discomfort can occur for a multitude of causes. Overuse or strain, frequently caused by rapid increases in mileage or intensity, is one of the most common reasons. This can cause microscopic tears in the calf muscles, resulting in pain, tightness, and, in extreme cases, cramping. Moreover, poor running technique or footwear might contribute to calf discomfort.

There are a few things people can do to alleviate calf tightness from running. To begin, it is critical to relax and allow the muscles to heal. Depending on the intensity of the soreness, this could mean taking a few days or even weeks off from jogging. Meanwhile, mild stretching and massaging of the calves, as well as employing cold or heat therapy to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the area, might be therapeutic.

Including a thorough warm-up and cool-down routine in your running routine, as well as gradually increasing duration and intensity, will help prevent calf pain in the first place. You can keep your calves healthy and pain-free while enjoying the many advantages of this popular form of exercise by taking a proactive approach to your jogging regimen and listening to your body.

Our expert London physiotherapists and massage therapists at One Body LDN are committed to assisting you in recovering from your running injury and returning to your training regimen. Our London Bridge physio clinic provides a variety of therapies, including sports massage and physiotherapy, to help you treat calf discomfort and other running-related ailments.

A sports massage is an effective treatment for calf pain induced by jogging. A sports massage can assist enhance blood flow and aid healing by applying pressure to the damaged muscles. Sports massage can also help to reduce inflammation, enhance flexibility, and relieve muscle stress.

Physiotherapy, in addition to sports massage, is a useful treatment for calf discomfort from running. A physiotherapist can evaluate your running technique and assist you uncover any underlying issues that may be causing your calf pain. They can also suggest particular exercises and stretches to help strengthen and stretch the injured muscles, lowering the chance of further damage.

If you get calf soreness after jogging, it is critical that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Ignoring the pain may result in additional harm and a longer recovery time. You can take the first step towards full recovery by scheduling a sports massage or physiotherapy session with us in London Bridge.

At London Bridge physio hub One Body LDN, our team of professionals will collaborate with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that is suited to your individual requirements. We’ll offer you with the assistance and coaching you need to heal from your injury and get back to running, whether you require a sports massage, physiotherapy, or a mix of the two.

Other than sports massage and physiotherapy, there are various things you may take to avoid calf soreness in the future. These are some examples:

Increase your mileage and running intensity gradually.
Having appropriate footwear with suitable support
Maintaining good running form and technique
Before and after jogging, incorporate a good warm-up and cool-down programme.
Regular stretching, particularly of the calf muscles
Taking days off to allow your body to recuperate

You may lessen your risk of calf discomfort and other running-related injuries by following these suggestions and receiving appropriate treatment when necessary. If you have calf pain after jogging and have been searching for “sports massage near me”, please contact us to schedule a sports massage or physiotherapy session.

In conclusion, calf soreness from running can be a frustrating and unpleasant injury, but it can be effectively treated with the correct treatment and prevention measures. Sports massage and physiotherapy are two effective treatments for calf pain, and at London Bridge physiotherapy clinic One Body LDN, we’re committed to assisting you in recovering from your injury and returning to your training regimen. Make an appointment with us today to take the first step towards a full recovery.

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