Running Pain Inside Ankle: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Running pain inside ankle
Running Pain Inside Ankle: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention


As a runner, it is common to experience pain in various parts of your body, especially if you run frequently or at a high intensity. Inside the ankle is one of the most common locations where runners experience pain. This type of pain can be brought on by a number of factors, such as overuse, injury, or improper form. Our team of London physiotherapists at One Body LDN has experience treating running-related injuries, including ankle pain. In this article, we will discuss the causes, treatment options, and preventative measures for running-related ankle pain.

Causes of Running-Related Ankle Pain

The most common cause of ankle pain from running is overuse. When the body is pushed beyond its limits and has insufficient time to recover, overuse injuries occur. This may result in microtrauma to the ankle joint, causing inflammation and pain. Injury is another common cause of running-related ankle pain. This can include ankle sprains and strains, which occur when the ligaments or muscles are stretched or torn. In some instances, ankle pain can be the result of improper form. For instance, excessive pronation (your foot rolling inward) while running can place additional stress on the ankle joint and cause pain.

Treatment Options for Running-Related Ankle Pain

If you are experiencing pain within the ankle while running, you should seek treatment immediately. Ignoring pain can cause further injury and make recovery more difficult. Our London physiotherapists at One Body LDN will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the underlying cause of your pain. On the basis of the evaluation, we will develop a personalised treatment plan to facilitate your recovery in the quickest and safest manner possible.

Rest is one of the most common treatments for running-related ankle pain. Resting the ankle joint allows it to heal and can prevent further injury. In addition to rest, our team may recommend applying ice and elevating the affected area to reduce swelling and pain. In some instances, we may also recommend over-the-counter pain medications for symptom management.

In addition to these treatments, our physiotherapists may recommend stretches and exercises to improve ankle joint flexibility and strength. This can assist in preventing future injuries and enhancing your running form. We may also recommend sports massage, which can reduce muscle tension and pain.

Prevention Strategies for Running-Related Ankle Pain

Prevention of running-related ankle pain is always the optimal strategy. You can prevent this type of pain through a variety of methods, including:

Wear Appropriate Running Shoes: Appropriate running shoes are essential for injury prevention. Ensure that your footwear fits properly and provides adequate support.

Stretch Regularly: Regular stretching can improve flexibility and reduce injury risk.

Strengthening the muscles surrounding the ankle can improve stability and reduce the risk of injury.

Increase Intensity Gradually: To avoid overtraining, gradually increase the intensity of your workouts over time.

Rest When Necessary: Pay attention to your body and rest when it requires it. To ignore pain can result in further injury.


Internal ankle pain can be a frustrating and painful experience for runners. However, it is possible to recover and prevent future injuries with the right treatment and prevention strategies. At London Bridge physiotherapy clinic One Body LDN, our team of physiotherapists are committed to assisting runners with injury recovery and performance enhancement. If you experience pain within the ankle while running, seek treatment immediately. Schedule a consultation and learn more about our services by contacting us today.

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