Does Healix Cover Physiotherapy

Healix has become a popular name in the healthcare insurance industry because of its inclusive plans that come at an affordable cost.

Does Vitality Cover Physiotherapy

Vitality is one of the UK’s leading insurance companies. They offer car insurance, life insurance, and most importantly, health insurance. In 2019

Does Nuffield Health Cover Physiotherapy

Nuffield Health is the largest UK-based healthcare charity. They cover physiotherapy and give personal training and services to GPs. Nuffield Health treats

What Happens if Osteoarthritis is Left Untreated

Osteoarthritis is arthritis when protective tissue between the joints starts to degenerate. Joint pain is one of the most common concerns of

Five Common Reasons for Inside Knee Pain

Medial knee pain (on the inside of the knee) can happen anytime to anyone, whether you play football, run, or do everyday

Is Physiotherapy Necessary After Fracture

It is well known that an active lifestyle is necessary for a healthy body and mind. Unfortunately, human bodies are fragile and


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