What Causes Back Pain in Females?

What Causes Back Pain in Females

Do you often experience pain in your back when doing your usual tasks? Does the pain hinder you from doing things efficiently? If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering what causes back pain in females. Back pains can be caused by various conditions, and sometimes, it’s due to problems in the spine. These can also be due to issues supporting tendons, muscles, and ligaments. 

However, back pains can also appear due to problems in other parts of the body and is considered as referred pain. Here we look at all the causes of back pain in women and what you can do about it. Let’s get started!

What Causes Upper Back Pain in Females


The thoracic spine or the upper back is the area beginning at the base of the neck. It goes all the way to the bottom of your ribcage. 

Here are the common reasons for upper back pain in women: 

  • Poor posture, like leaning the head forward while standing or sitting, causes misalignment of one’s spine
  • Muscle strain/overuse due to repetitive motions or lifting heavy items
  • Myofascial pain
  • Injury to muscles, discs, and/or ligaments
  • Arthritis

Again, the cause of these back pains in women is due to poor posture leading to the misalignment of one’s spine. If you tend to lift items and strain your back, this is another cause of back pains.  

Most of the time, these back pains aren’t serious and minor strains/sprains will heal on their own. And in numerous cases, getting more exercise or correcting your posture can help straighten your back tissues. Doing so will prevent these issues further. 

What Causes Upper Middle Back Pain in Females


Your upper-middle back may also be painful. The most common causes are muscular strains, overuse, or injury to the discs, ligaments, and muscles that support the spine. Pressure from problems like a herniated disc on your spinal nerves can also create pain in this region.

Sometimes, the upper-middle back pain in women is due to unidentifiable causes. Typical changes in their life cycle during childbirth, weight gain, pregnancy, and hormonal imbalances can trigger back pains. 

Poor posture is also a common reason for upper-middle back pains. When you try sitting, make sure to keep your shoulders back. As you stand, keep your back as straight as you can while evenly placing weight on your feet. 

Other possible causes include the following: 

  • Pinched nerves
  • A fractured vertebra 
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gallbladder issues
  • Myofascial pain syndrome

What Causes Lower Back Pain in Females


Women getting lower back pains have tons of potential causes. Some are linked to conditions that are specific to females, while other causes can happen to anyone.  

Here is a list of causes specific to women: 

  • PMS or premenstrual syndrome
  • PMDD or premenstrual dysmorphic disorder (a severe type of PMS)
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Pregnancy
  • Endometriosis

When it comes to lower back pains that affect anyone, the most common causes include sciatica and muscle strain. Due to the many causes of lower back pain, it’s a great idea to consult with a physiotherapist to find the root of the problem. 

Lower Back Pain Causes Female Left Side

A common reason for lower left back pain is muscular strain. It may be due to injuries to the tendons, muscles, and ligaments that aid the spine. The following injuries include falls or accidents that cause back trauma, sudden twisting movements, and poor posture. 

It’s also because of the uneven weight distribution when carrying heavy bags on your shoulder. Other causes of lower-left back pains include herniated discs, kidney infections, and pregnancy. More than two-thirds of them experience lower back pain, mostly in the form of posterior pelvic pains. 

Another condition is endometriosis where excruciating lesions grow on the outer uterus of a woman. It can lead to lower left back pain together with pain during intercourse and intense cramps during menstruation. 

Lower Back Pain Causes Female Right Side

The possible reasons for lower back pain on your right side may include strains and sprains. It could also be due to infections, kidney stones, and conditions affecting your reproductive organs or intestines. Remember, your right kidney slightly hangs lower than the left. This makes it more likely to cause lower back pains especially if it’s inflamed, infected, or irritated. 

Most of your organs, except your kidney, are located in the front of your body. These, however, have the potential to quickly cause pain that travels to your lower back.

Your ovaries, intestines, and appendix are some of the internal organs that have nerve endings connecting to back muscles and ligaments. You can also have pain on the lower right side of your back. That is if the structure is in the right lower region of the body. Additionally, pregnant women often have pain in their lower right back.

When to See a Medical Professional about Back Pain? 


Consult your family doctor if your back pain lasts over two weeks and prevents you from doing your daily activities. Also, be sure to seek professional help immediately if the pain is severe. 

Although rare, back pain can signal a serious medical condition. Seek immediate care if your back pain is accompanied by fever or causes new bowel/bladder problems. Also, seek help as soon as possible if the pain follows a fall or other injuries.


What Female Organs Can Cause Lower Back Pain?

Back pain may stem from issues with organs in the abdominal, pelvic, or mid-back area. It may indicate irritation, inflammation, or an infection.

The female organs that are typically associated with lower back pain include the uterus and ovaries. Other organs that may also link to back pain include the kidneys, appendix, liver, colon, gallbladder, and abdominal aorta. 

What is the Most Common Cause of Back Pain?

The usual causes of back pain are sprains and back strains. Lighting objects that are too heavy or not lifting safely can injure your tendons, muscles, or ligaments. Sneezing, coughing, bending over, or twisting can also strain your back.



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