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Uncovering the Causes of Upper Back Pain on Right Side: Say Goodbye to Back Pain



Our skilled physiotherapists at One Body LDN are experts in offering efficient treatments for back pain, including upper back pain on the right side. Our London physio clinic provides a wide range of physiotherapy and sports massage treatments to aid with pain relief and function improvement. In this post, we’ll examine the typical reasons of pain in the right upper back and discuss how our team of specialists can be of assistance.

One of the main contributors to upper back pain on the right side is poor posture. Long periods of sitting, slouching, or hunching over can strain the upper back muscles, causing discomfort and suffering. Additionally, poor posture can compress the spinal joints, which exacerbates discomfort and stiffness.

Muscle strain or spasm: This is a different typical cause of right-sided upper back pain. Overuse, repetitive movements, or moving large objects might cause this. Because the muscles in the upper back support the neck and shoulders, straining or overusing them might result in pain on the right side.

Upper back pain on right side discomfort can also be brought on by a pinched nerve. This happens when a nerve in the spine is squeezed, causing discomfort and suffering in the immediate location. Degenerative abnormalities in the spine, such as herniated discs or spinal stenosis, frequently compress nerves in the upper back.

Arthritis: Arthritis can also produce upper back pain on the right side. This degenerative disorder results in inflammation of the spinal joints, which produces pain and stiffness in the immediate vicinity. The degeneration of the spinal discs due to arthritis can also result in additional pain and discomfort.

The spinal disorder known as scoliosis causes the spine to curve to one side. The spinal joints may become out of position as a result, resulting in upper back pain and discomfort. When scoliosis is severe, the spinal cord can also get compressed, which can result in further pain and suffering.


Numerous conditions, such as poor posture, muscle strain or spasm, pinched nerves, arthritis, and scoliosis, can result in right-sided upper back pain. To find the root of your upper back discomfort, our team of skilled physiotherapists at One Body LDN will first perform a careful evaluation of your condition. Our physical therapists will develop a custom treatment plan for you based on the results of the assessment. The treatment regimen may combine manual therapy, physical therapy, and modalities including electrotherapy, heat or ice therapy, and more. In addition to helping you feel better, our aim is to strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and stop the pain from returning.

The fact that physical therapy is a non-invasive treatment option is one of its main advantages. Physiotherapy doesn’t require any cuts or anaesthesia, unlike surgery. Additionally, physiotherapy is a secure form of treatment for people of all ages, including the elderly and expectant mothers. Our physiotherapists will collaborate with you to choose the most appropriate course of action for your condition and ensure that the therapies are both beneficial and safe for you.

Our physiotherapists at One Body LDN have extensive training and expertise in treating upper back pain on right side. Our state-of-the-art clinic is furnished with the most up-to-date physiotherapy tools, and our staff of physiotherapists maintains informed on the most recent methods and developments in the industry. We’re convinced that we can provide you with relief from your upper back discomfort on the right side thanks to our knowledge and state-of-the-art tools.

Finally, if you have upper back pain on right side, try not to let it rule your life. Consult the professionals at London physiotherapy clinic One Body LDN for advice. Our skilled London physios are committed to providing you with pain treatment and enhancing the quality of your life. Make an appointment with us right away to begin your journey towards a life without pain.



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