Lower Back Pain on the Left Hand Side

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Lower Back Pain Left Hand Side: The Causes and How Physiotherapy Can Help


Particularly when it affects only one side of the body, lower back pain can be excruciating and incapacitating. You might be interested in the potential causes and treatments for lower back pain on the left hand side, and you’re in luck if you live in London because there are numerous topnotch physiotherapy clinics there that can provide you with relief.

One Body LDN is an expert London back pain clinic in assisting clients with back pain treatment, especially pain that is localised to the left side. Our skilled London physios are committed to assisting you in identifying the underlying cause of your pain and creating a treatment strategy that is specific to your requirements.

Without a thorough examination by a medical professional, it might be challenging to identify the precise source of lower back discomfort on the left side. Yet, a few typical causes are as follows:

Herniated disc: When the outer layer of the disc tears, the soft, jelly-like substance inside the disc bulges out. The lower back nerves may be compressed as a result, resulting in pain on one side.

Degenerative disc disease: As your lower back’s discs deteriorate over time, pain and instability may result.

The sciatic nerve, which travels from the lower back to the legs, can get compressed, a disease known as sciatica. This may result in lower back and leg pain, tingling, and numbness on one side.

Overuse or damage to the lower back muscles can result in muscle strain or spasm, which can produce pain on one side.

Physiotherapy can be a successful treatment choice for lower back discomfort on your left side, regardless of the underlying cause. To provide you with relief and help you avoid further injuries, our physiotherapists combine manual therapy, exercise, and education. Together, we’ll create a unique treatment strategy that targets the source of your discomfort and aids in your regaining strength and mobility.

The fact that physiotherapy treats lower back pain left hand side holistically is one of its main advantages. Physiotherapy deals with the underlying reasons of your pain rather than just concealing the symptoms with painkillers. It also helps you develop a strong, resilient body that is less prone to injury. Additionally, our physiotherapists will instruct you in crucial self-care skills like good posture and body mechanics that can prevent further back pain attacks.

Do not put off seeking treatment if you are experiencing lower back pain left hand side. To make an appointment with one of our skilled London physiotherapists, call One Body LDN right away. We’re here to provide you with relief so you can carry on living life to the fullest.



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